Issue 55

South Nyanza Sugar Company : Bringing back the Sweetness

South Nyanza Sugar Company has perfected its ability to deliver clean and mature sugar cane, increasing Kenya’s national sugar production and reducing the country’s dependence on imports.

Cavibel SA (Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Co.): What We Do, We Do Well

Cavibel SA aims to inspire moments of happiness in supporting the sustainable development of Cape Verde.

Fisher Clinical Services : Clinical Research Innovators

Fisher Clinical Services South Africa is the innovative industry leader in clinical trial research and serves as the gateway to sub-Saharan Africa for global pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

MBT Petroleum : Conquer the World with Us

MBT Petroleum is distinguishing itself from competitors through the establishment of a dynamic service to rival any company operating within the industry.

Megchem : The MegChem Way

Despite operating in a tumultuous industry, MegChem continues to succeed with a mixture of large and small-scale projects to service engineering needs and improve standards in the local oil & gas market.

ORYX Energies Uganda : Multinational Muscle on a Local Level

Oryx Energies Uganda is looking to consolidate its position as a top three player in the Ugandan downstream petroleum sector by mixing international clout with a small-company ethos.

Twiga Cement : Integrated Cement Services

Twiga Cement has played an instrumental role in developing Tanzania’s cement industry, now focusing its efforts on reducing its environmental impact moving forward.

Forum Properties Africa Group : Creating Success Stories

Forum Properties Africa’s turnkey property development services are truly capitalising on African potential as the Company continues to target emerging economic nations.

South Point : Living It Up

South Point continues to embrace South Africa’s transformational agenda by tackling the progressive and challenging student accommodation sector.

Dunhill Consulting Limited : Refreshingly Different

With the rapid expansion of Greater Nairobi and the phenomenal pace of construction within Kenya, Dunhill Consulting is ready to capitalise, with its imminent Dunhill Towers project an innovative and green sign of things to come.

British American Tobacco : East & Central Africa

British American Tobacco (BAT) is leading the tobacco industry by satisfying and addressing consumer needs and moments.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia : Reliable Solutions

Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia is achieving excellence in all aspects of its operations, adopting an innovative approach to support its clientele nationwide.

Associated Battery Manufacturers : Energy Solutions for All

Associated Battery Manufacturers is making a concerted effort to improve relationships between battery manufacturers and locals in Kenya, keeping on-top of international trends and industry developments.