Issue 46

SAME Group : Making Waves for Half a Century

S.A.M.E. Group is driving South Africa’s water infrastructure evolution, responding to the most pressing global challenges while enriching a nation in search of sustainability

Thos Begbie & Co : Culture for Excellence

Thos Begbie & Co has withstood numerous changes in the African manufacturing industry and continues to evolve with the times.

32GI : Clean, Simple Success

32Gi is delivering success to athletes with its innovative product range in the endurance supplement industry.

NWK Agri-Services : Grow With Us

NWK Agri-Services Zambia is discovering opportunities for the development and growth of small scale farmers.

Vital Health Foods : A Healthier You

Vital Health Foods has been providing South Africans with access to natural and affordable health solutions since 1947.

Citydia Nigeria : Proximity and Price

Encouraged by the future, Citydia Nigeria is a major driving force in the expansion of the neighbourhood supermarket industry in Africa

Solenta Aviation : Flexible Aviation Solutions

Flying high in Africa’s contract aviation industry, Solenta Aviation has created a unique service proposition on numerous fronts to become a go-to operator on an increasingly international scale.

Victoria Commercial Bank : Credit Where Credit is Due

Victoria Commercial Bank has overcome a series of industry challenges in 2016 to enhance its balance sheet and client base beyond expectations.

Winder Controls : In Full Control

The bespoke and turnkey range of products by Winder Controls is testament to the market reputation it now enjoys, and the esteemed partnerships it has formed over the years.