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Joshua Mann - Regional Director Editorial Team

32Gi is delivering success to athletes with its innovative product range in the endurance supplement industry.


2016 has been full to the brim with progress for 32Gi, including the introduction of innovative products, high profile athlete endorsement and event sponsors which will continue to grow in 2017. Combined with the exponential growth the business has reached over the past three years of 30 percent year-on-year, it is an exciting time for the Company.

With a continued focus on achieving an innovative product range, 2017 will see a big push for an offering internationally and the extension of existing ranges.

As a leading endurance supplement provider in South Africa, 32Gi has centred its focus on providing customers with high quality balanced and sustainable energy supplements; empowering them with the knowledge needed for healthier nutritional options. 

“We understand that not all athletes are created equal, what works for one athlete does not necessarily work for another and each has different requirements,” says the Company on its website. “An athlete’s nutrition intake will depend entirely on the kind of session he or she is doing and these are not always performance based.”


With the success it has experienced over the years, 32Gi has differentiated itself from others in the sports nutrition industry with its keen focus on health.

“Science has shown that during high intensity exercise, glycogen (natural carbohydrate) stores are mainly utilised to provide energy to the muscles. However, we think about what a controlled pace and intensity where fat can be utilised as a primary energy source,” the Company adds.

It places a high precedence on the athlete, harnessing the powerful natural energy stores that are already there, which will then depend on the way he or she fuels themselves before and during an exercise session.

“When an athlete is performing at a controlled pace they have the ability to utilise their fat stores for energy and this can only be done properly by consuming the appropriate types and amounts of carbohydrates and nutrients to support this,” the Company explains. “Science has demonstrated that a fat efficient athlete will use a larger amount of fat for energy over a range of intensities assisting in more glycogen which is a benefit in endurance sport.”

32Gi utilises a blend of unique carbohydrates to ensure stability for its customers whether they are performing at low or high intensity; the product range designed centrally around the athlete’s unique needs while guiding them with support and knowledge to their best fuelling strategy.

Health of the customer is always a primary focus at 32Gi, with its products designed specifically with the consumer’s wellbeing in mind.

“Great care is taken to ensure that all the 32Gi products are clean, simple and contain no unnecessary additives. The products contain no non-nutritive sweeteners, artificial flavours or colours,” says the Company. “We have formulated all products in line with the EFSA (European Food Standards Authority) requirements to ensure that the brand is of the highest standards.”

Over the years the Company has built up a reputation as a brand that customers can trust and rely on to put their needs first, having always advocated health and the safety of the consumer before performance.


Industry partnerships are a pivotal part to the success of companies such as 32Gi, one particularly successful relationship is between Challenge Family and 32Gi; the partnership will see the Company as the Official Nutrition partner of five major European Challenge Family races spanning throughout the remainder of 2016 and 2017. 

“The partnership includes the world’s largest long course triathlon event, Challenge Roth, which has been awarded the title of the ‘Race of the Year’ for four consecutive years. More than 5,500 athletes at Challenge Roth will be fuelled around the course by our premium nutrition products, including Endure Drink, Chews, FoodBars and Gels,” states the Company.

These partnerships are helping the company fulfil its core focus, to fuel endurance athletes.

 “We have formed great relationships and trust within the multisport communities keeping our products clean with no unnecessary additives. Partnering with Challenge Family further entrenches our commitment to athletes, endurance sports and events as we spread our wings across the European continent,” explains Mark Wolff, Co-Founder and Director at 32Gi. “We are proud to be working with such a credible organisation such as Challenge Family where our values are aligned to family, health, fitness and performance.”

Additionally to Challenge Roth, the Company has also involved itself in partnerships with Challenge Heibronn (GER), Challenge Denmark (DEN), Challenge Paguera-Mallorca (ESP) and Challenge Walchesee-Kaiserwinkl (AUT), which has run from 2015 and will continue into 2017.

The Challenge Group has been thrilled to welcome the Company into its family of partners, having worked closely together in the development process in order to create a premium nutrition partnership that provides athletes with the best possible nutrition for all of their training and racing needs. Alongside this the Company is able to deliver innovative support as a progressive partner to the various event owners.

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By Joshua Mann Regional Director
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