Latest 75 Corporate Stories

Africa Improved Foods 2019 : Nourishing Nations

Africa Improved Food produces high-quality nutritious foods made from maize grown by over 35,000 Rwandan farmers that treat and prevent malnutrition across East Africa.

Editorial TeamJoshua Mann By Editorial Team Joshua Mann

CityDia Ghana : Growing for Ghana 

CityDia is proving itself as a community-driven and people-centric retailer, the company seeking to build on its footprint of stores across Accra, Kyebi and Kumasi.

Editorial TeamJosh Hyland By Editorial Team Josh Hyland

dhk Architects : Driven By Design 

Built from the ground up, dhk Architects now stands as not only one of South Africa’s top design companies, but equally a champion of social enablement and industry optimism.

Editorial TeamEddie Clinton By Editorial Team Eddie Clinton

Firemount Group : The Denim Difference 

Firemount Group is helping to drive economic diversification, spearheading sustainability in Mauritius with its premium, tasteful, tailor-made textiles.

Editorial TeamCallam Waller By Editorial Team Callam Waller

Guardrisk Group Mauritius : A Captive Market 

Guardrisk Group Mauritius, through its specialised offering of cell captive insurance and reinsurance services, is safeguarding the future of businesses across its home nation and further afield.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia 2019

By supporting clients with expert remanufacturing services, Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia is ensuring reliable machinery makes its way to vital infrastructure projects across the country.

Editorial TeamDonovan Smith By Editorial Team Donovan Smith

Hollard Ghana : Insurance Inspired

Combining quality service competencies, employee and partner power and a community-first approach, Hollard Ghana is leading the national indemnity revolution.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Java House : A Tale of Transformation

Having received a new lease of life, East Africa’s most successful coffeehouse chain is set to embark on an exciting new chapter as it turns 20 years old.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Naledi Rail Engineering : Keeping SA on Track 

Naledi Rail Engineering has been providing South Africa’s railway industry with engineering expertise since 2004, a vital pool of knowledge given the government’s plans to develop the sector.

Editorial TeamJoshua Mann By Editorial Team Joshua Mann

Safaricom 2019 : Transforming Lives

For Safaricom, success is not dictated by finances and statistics. It is determined by a wider purpose of catalysing community development and supporting socioeconomic strides.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team