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Creating Value through Strategic InvestmentWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Josh Hyland By adopting a strategy of consolidation to foster a stricter focus on financial performance and Namibia’s energy needs, NAMCOR is hoping to create value through the discharge of its mandate as the national oil company in a bid to remain sustainable during the oil crisis.Oil prices have dropped significantly while dealer margins and fuel levies in Namibia are on the rise, as NAMCOR’s Chairperson, Johannes Gawaxab alluded to in the Company’s recent annual report: “In every crisis innovation is born. The oil price has dropped significantly during the review period due to sluggish global growth, while Namibia is entering a period where it needs to make important decisions regarding its future energy needs and in particular regarding the development of the Kudu Gas-to-Power project.”Focusing on prioritising projects, operational excellence and governance, the Company is showing good progress consolidating its upstream and downstream activities while retaining a strong value proposition to its partners across various market sectors; including mining, construction, commercial road transport, manufacturing and agriculture.“NAMCOR’s operating environment remained rather challenging...with a decline in crude oil prices as a result of continued growth in global inventories. Our operations were also affected by the fall in oil prices. Global economic activity and volatility in exchange rates also added their fair share to some of the uncertainty in the current environment,” said Gawaxab.“ the country needs to make crucial investment decisions regarding its energy needs.”Kudu Gas-to-Power projectLeveraging its diverse range of skills and longstanding partnerships in the upstream segment, NAMCOR has placed

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Zuva Petroleum

Energy EverydayWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Josh Hyland More than 80 years of tradition and lineage has transcended into a more recent six years of industry dominance in Zimbabwe, as Zuva Petroleum looks to capitalise on its position as one of the continent’s leading integrated energy companies.Incorporated initially in 1969 under the trading name, BP & Shell, the rich petroleum heritage that comes attached with names of such repute has set the tone for the evolution that has occurred in the decades following, and following a rebranding in 20151 - as a result of both brands leaving the Zimbabwean market - an era for Zuva was ushered in to boost the introduction of local participation in the petroleum industry.“So what has changed?  Nothing and yet everything,” opens the Company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Zwelithini Mlotshwa. “Nothing because the same asset and human capital that were a driving force to the BP & Shell brands are still at the Company’s disposal through its senior staff members and retail dealer network. And yet everything, as local participation in the industry has brought more focus to the contribution of the petroleum sector to the Zimbabwean market.”Now 51 percent owned by local stakeholders and 49 percent owned by a leading international commodity trading enterprise, the expansion and diversification that has taken place since 2011 has been extensive to the point where its three business units comprise the widest range of petroleum products in the country; ensuring a portfolio that can cater for all specific needs in a developing market.“Our range includes unleaded petrol, diesel,

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