Powering Pan-African Digital Education

Luis Lopez, CEO of Honoris United Universities, talks about new ventures and the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic

Kenya: The Country with a COVID Plan

With a huge tourism industry, Kenya was one of the worst hit African nations by COVID-19, but plans are underway that aim to reinvigorate the economy

Demonstrating the Business Case for Sustainable Strategies

Omnia’s Kavita Pema tells us about the achievable and realistic application of sustainability practices for businesses around the globe

Expert Eye: Overcoming Barriers to Financial Inclusion in Developing Countries

Orange’s Patrick Roussel examines the challenges faced in reducing the number of unbanked across Africa, highlighting the power of mobile money as part of the answer

Exploring the Future of Hydropower in Africa

Can hydropower offer the solution to the African continent’s need for sustainable electrification?

Niger's Response to Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases

There are many neglected tropical diseases which are life-altering but preventable, and very little global attention is devoted to treating them

Expert Eye: The Need for Private Sector Investment into Renewable Energy

With the continent’s population forecast to double by 2050, energy demand will increase at an even faster rate. AIIM’s Vuyo Ntoi looks into the issue

Investing in a Continent: Olam International’s work in Central and Western Africa

Singapore-based Olam International plays a key role in ensuring food security across six continents, its Regional CFO for West and Central Africa, Sujay Sarkar, telling us more

Expert Eye: The Transformative Effect of Cloud Computing on Manufacturing

Cloud computing is a powerful technology enabling companies to become more productive, improving both customer communication and supply-chain performance

The Challenges and Opportunities of Africa’s Standard Gauge Railway

Africa’s Standard Gauge Railway represents a real opportunity for the continent, but construction isn’t without its challenges

From Pilot to PSP: The Story Behind Eran Feinstein and DPO Group

The dynamic and fast-growing DPO Group is making waves in Africa’s payments market, its Co-Founder and CEO Eran Feinstein switching from a career in aviation to start his own venture

Connecting a Continent: A Q&A with Samsung Africa's Kagiso Khaole

Kagiso Khaole, Chief of Staff and Head of Content and Services at Samsung Africa, talks about the tech giant’s ongoing work to deliver affordable technology to African communities

Expert Eye: How grassroots innovation is transforming communities across Africa

Wariara Waireri, Senior Manager in International Development at the Royal Academy of Engineering, discusses the impact of grassroots innovation across Africa

Addressing Africa's entrepreneurial gender divide

Africa’s women entrepreneurs face structural and societal obstacles, but helping them unlock their potential is essential for economic growth

Absa Bank: Charting the economic effects of COVID-19 in Africa

Jeff Gable, Head of Research and Chief Economist at Absa, provides insights into the economic ramifications of COVID-19 in Africa

Interview: Wärtsilä’s Ville Rimali on Africa’s electrification challenges

Ville Rimali, Director of Growth & Development for Africa & Europe at Wärtsilä, discusses the challenges facing the African continent in its bid to implement much-needed electrification

To.org: The unlikely pairing of creative activism and venture capitalism

Arieh and Nachson Mimran, Co-Founders of To.org, explain how different forms of investment can be used as a catalyst for change

Inside the business of tourism with Latitude Hotels

Nick Brown, Co-Owner of Latitude Hotels, explains that expanding Africa’s business hospitality offering benefits both travellers and local communities

Off-grid solar: The $24 billion opportunity

Off-grid solar and fintech have been tipped to provide the long-term, sustainable solution to powering the African continent and connecting millions of citizens to the digital economy