Babs Ogundeyi

Babs Ogundeyi is the Group CEO and Founder of Kuda Technologies, a FinTech company on a mission to make financial services more affordable, accessible, and rewarding for every African. Kuda Technologies’ money app for Africans is giving over 6.5 million people access to personal and business banking, free money transfers, investments, remittances, and instant credit. Before starting Kuda Technologies, Ogundeyi advised some of Africa’s biggest banks at PricewaterhouseCoopers and was a Special Adviser on Finance in the Nigerian government. He is also a founder of two other companies.

Why Africa Remains a Rewarding Destination for Investment 

Babs Ogundeyi, Group CEO and Founder of Kuda Technologies, discusses the continent’s funding potential and opportunities for a growing tech-savvy population.