What new ideas in your industry excite you?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

We like to round up each issue by giving featured business leaders the final word. In issue 107 we asked, “What new ideas in your industry excite you?

James Barrington-Brown, CEO, NewSpace Systems

“There is a significant new trend towards the lunar economy, and business figures like Elon Musk are advocating for a Mars economy. This involves manufacturing goods in space, in-orbit refuelling of spacecraft, repairing or removing broken satellites, and, importantly, addressing the issue of space debris. 

The emphasis on sustainability in the space environment is crucial, and I find that particularly exciting. The prospect of leveraging lunar or Martian resources for manufacturing and other activities brings a new dimension to space exploration. 

The sheer amount of investment in the space market is undeniable. One intriguing example is the recent surge in space tourism. While the lunar economy is influenced by geopolitical factors, it’s evident that commercial interests, driven by private investments, are steering the current space race. This shift from government-driven initiatives to commercial endeavours opens up a plethora of possibilities, from manufacturing lunar bases to establishing off-world offices.”

Jan Widerström, President and Managing Director, Saab Grintek Defence

“The potential impact of AI in shaping the future of our industry, as it is set to revolutionise future systems in terms of development and product performance.”

Andrew Cunningham, Managing Director, Walkabout Resources

“Graphite is a unique mineral with sought-after properties in a wide variety of end-uses throughout the mining industry. The very exciting developments within the energy storage, automotive, military, aviation, safety, and flame retardant industries, amongst others, make this a very exciting commodity and time for a project to enter into the graphite world.”  

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