What guidance would you offer to new entrants in your sector?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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We like to round up each issue by giving featured business leaders the final word. In issue 106 we asked, “What guidance would you offer to new entrants in your sector?

Martin Kariuki, Commercial Director, Bamburi Cement PLC

“One needs to comprehensively research local regulations, acquire the necessary skills through suitable training, and network with professionals to understand market dynamics. One should also stay on top of current shifts in the sector and prioritise workplace safety. It is important that they approach the industry with a long-term perspective, as it is highly sensitive and often influenced by external variables such as changing laws and regulations.”  

Zuh Versi, Director, CSI Construction

“Tanzania is a great country to invest in, and the government is taking a lot of correct measures to open up the industry and attract foreign investors. 

“However, there is a process and an art to working in Tanzania, and local partners can add a lot of value. We see it as a partnership which improves the industry, as opposed to competition in the market. We do encourage competition; however, this adds a comparative advantage in the industry.”

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