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Vodacom Lesotho : Calling the Kingdom

Vodacom Lesotho plays a critical role in connecting people and businesses across the kingdom. We speak to Managing Director Mohale Ralebitso about the company’s products, services and people-centric mission.

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Vodacom South Africa : Typifying Innovation

The leading player in South Africa’s telecommunications industry, Vodacom is pioneering change through intuitive innovation and creative investment.

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Vodacom Lesotho : 20 Year Transformation

Vodacom Lesotho is celebrating two decades of growth in Lesotho across primary KPIs that include nationwide internet connection, financial inclusion, and customer care

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Vodacom Lesotho : Beyond Telephony

Beyond TelephonyWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Donovan Smith Since launching in 1996 with just one telecom tower, Vodacom Lesotho has emerged 19 years later as the market leader in mobile communication services, with an 80 percent market share.As the wider Vodacom Group’s first business venture outside of South Africa, Vodacom Lesotho has spent two decades deeply rooting itself into the country, initially inviting the Government of Lesotho to become a shareholder prior to its privatisation in 1999, followed by a 12 percent local shareholding - which later grew to 20 percent- awarded to Sekha-Metsi Consortium after this date.Early investment in a solid distribution network has enabled the Company to reach 94 percent of the population, which also helped to drive mobile penetration in Lesotho to more than 84 percent in 2015.Diversifying its revenue stream to better focus on the customer’s changing needs and embrace the data revolution has resulted in the Company securing an impressive 1.3 million subscribers across a population of more than two million people.Vodacom Lesotho is majority-owned by Vodacom Group Limited (80 percent), and Sekhametsi consortium owns the remaining 20 percent of the Company.Infrastructure backboneThe need for services beyond voice and SMS on the African continent - and indeed the world - are being dictated by the increased consumption of data services and the additional inclusive applications that internet access brings.Therefore, in the past two years, Vodacom Lesotho has been investing in ways to differentiate itself in order to diversify its data offering and place customers at the heart of its investments as part of a long-term

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Vodacom Congo : Connecting People and Changing Lives

Connecting People and Changing LivesWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Donovan Smith Since launching its activities in Congo 13 years ago, Vodacom has gradually and increasingly realised its promise of saturating the entire country with its market-leading telecoms services, combining its unparalleled technological expertise with an arguably even more significant social influence on a national scale.Following its inception in May, 2002 the Vodacom Pty subsidiary has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in order to fulfil its aim of galvanising the levels of communication in the country, with the primary goal of making its full range of internationally-acclaimed products accessible to the entire Congolese population.Built upon its “connecting people, creating opportunities and changing lives” ethos, Vodacom’s network in the country now envelops 1,000 cities and 500 villages, comprising a total of more than 12 million subscribers.The person entrusted with overseeing such an extensive influence is the newly appointed Managing Director (MD), Murielle Lorilloux, who has already signalled her intent to expand the Company’s network infrastructure on a business level, while continuing the positive influence that has been established nationwide.“Vodacom has heavily invested in telecommunication infrastructures and has positioned itself as a data-leading company by providing to all Congolese the possibility to communicate and experiment the great power of 3G internet via the undersea cable,” the new MD explains. “Vodacom Congo is a socially responsible corporate that is involved in social welfare, health and education throughout Congo. It also has a privileged partnership with the Congolese Government.“That’s why the company is committed to assisting the government to achieve its objectives.”Currently

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