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Latest SPAR Corporate Stories

SPAR Zimbabwe : A Sparkling Success

At SPAR Zimbabwe, the company's mission statement is “Better Together”. Remaining passionate, committed to family values, and professional leaders in all that it does, we take a trip down the aisles with Operations Executive, Huston G. Munyoro.

SPAR Namibia : A Brand Built on Trust

SPAR Namibia has established a reputation for quality and affordability thanks to its values of family, passion and entrepreneurship.

SPAR Lowveld Distribution : What’s in Store

SPAR Lowveld Distribution has enjoyed yet another 12 months of successful progression and expansion as it once again leveraged the wider SPAR brand’s reputation to maintain its Southern African momentum.

Spar Zimbabwe : Customer Satisfaction Drives Spar Passion

With more than 12,000 stores around the globe, the SPAR name is one of the most recognisable in the retail world; a cachet that the Zimbabwe arm is leveraging to full effect in becoming the most sough-after store in the country.

Spar Distribution : The Beating Heart of Spar

SPAR Distribution Lowveld Oversee Logistic services to twenty nine SPAR stores, eighteen SUPERSPAR’S, twenty seven Tops Liquor stores, eleven Savemor Stores, and two pharmacies in the Lowveld region.

Spar Zimbabwe : Sparring with the Best

SPAR Zimbabwe are committed to developing the SPAR business by offering stores with modern layouts alongside the promise of world-class shopping.