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SPAR Namibia : A Brand Built on Trust

SPAR Namibia has established a reputation for quality and affordability thanks to its values of family, passion and entrepreneurship.

SPAR Lowveld Distribution : What’s in Store

SPAR Lowveld Distribution has enjoyed yet another 12 months of successful progression and expansion as it once again leveraged the wider SPAR brand’s reputation to maintain its Southern African momentum.

Spar Zimbabwe : Customer Satisfaction Drives Spar Passion

With more than 12,000 stores around the globe, the SPAR name is one of the most recognisable in the retail world; a cachet that the Zimbabwe arm is leveraging to full effect in becoming the most sough-after store in the country.

Spar Distribution

The Beating Heart of Spar SPAR Distribution Lowveld Oversee Logistic services to twenty nine SPAR stores, eighteen SUPERSPAR'S, twenty seven Tops Liquor stores, eleven Savemor Stores, and two pharmacies in the Lowveld region Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Callum Philp SPAR Lowveld is one of the six main distribution centres for SPAR South Africa, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Southern Africa. SPAR Lowveld offers a full range of services to: 29 SPAR stores, 18 SUPERSPAR'S, 27 Tops liquor stores, 11 Savemor stores, and 2 pharmacies in South Africa's Lowveld region, ranging from Komati in the east of the region, to Carolina in the west, and Phalaborwa in the north, as well as in Swaziland and Mozambique. These services include a full marketing function (buying of grocery items at competitive prices which are then passed on to the stores themselves), advertising and promotions, retail operations management advice (include in-depth financial advice and services), store development assistance and logistical services. The objective of SPAR Lowveld is to put independent small, medium and large retailers in a position to compete with the major chains, as well as dominate the convenience markets. Whilst their core businesses are is product procurement, warehousing and distribution services, they exist to service independent retailers operating under one of the SPAR banners. Their focus is the development and support of these independent retailers to be the best operators in the markets they serve in terms of retail offering, exceptional customer service, and meaningful community involvement. Rob De Vos, Divisional Managing Director for SPAR

Spar Zimbabwe

Sparring with the best of them SPAR are committed to developing the SPAR business by offering stores with modern layouts alongside the promise of world-class shopping Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Callum Philp SPAR Zimbabwe is committed to providing a service that will exceed the needs of consumers, with a particular focus on retail innovation and a strong passion for food. The franchise aim their consumer offerings at all levels of society, by providing retail formats that suit particular areas within Zimbabwe, with roll outs of SPAR Supermarkets, SPAR Express stores and, in the medium term, SPAR Liquor outlets. For those of you who don't know, SPAR is a voluntary trading organisation, where all independent retailers work together with their distribution centres to build scale, buying power and the SPAR brand for mutual benefit. "In Zimbabwe, we operate within 100 retail outlets using the SPAR, SPAR Express and SaveMor formats. During the course of 2012 and 2013 our growth has come from ongoing upgrades of SPAR stores, the roll out of the TOPS bottle store formats and the increase of new SPAR stores." Globally, SPAR serves 11 million customers a day out of around 13,000 supermarkets in various formats. SPAR is the world's largest supermarket chain by store numbers. "The Four Just Men" The story of SPAR in the early years stems from Adriaan Van Well, a Dutch wholesaler with vision. He was inspired by a simple yet powerful philosophy that independent wholesalers and retailers can achieve more by working together rather than working alone. It