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Latest Broll Property Group Corporate Stories

Broll Namibia : Growth from the Ground Up

Broll Namibia continues to be a top performing unit of Ohlthaver & List, the country’s largest privately-owned company.

Broll Kenya : We Have You Covered

Broll is capitalising on Africa’s economic potential; leveraging South African successes to generate similar opportunities into Kenya.

Broll Nigeria : Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Broll Nigeria is bucking the trend of a nation at present by growing and diversifying in the face of economic uncertainty.

Broll Property Group : Shaping the Future of Property Services

Broll Property Group has been strengthening every facet of its business to further penetrate the sub-Saharan Africa property market

Broll Nigeria : Building Momentum

Broll Nigeria continues to capitalise on one of the continent’s most attractive economies in order to diversify and extend its lead.

Broll Namibia : Maximising Property Potential

Broll Namibia looks to capitalise on its position as a market leader by playing a key role in Windhoek’s central business district.

Broll Property Management : Some See Windows, We See Opportunities

Broll Property Group a leading commercial property service company in Africa, with offices in major cities and towns across the continent.

Brollo Kenya : Men of Steel

Brollo Kenya have built their success on a solid foundation of steel and meticulous workmanship with an Italian flair.

Broll Property Services Nigeria : Invest in Nigeria!

Erejuwa Gbadebo, CEO of Broll Property Services Nigeria, discusses the “huge potential” of the country’s property industry.

Broll Namibia : Maximising Property Potential

Founded in 2003, Broll Namibia is a leading and independent property services company in Namibia aiming to maximise property potential.