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Editorial Team

Minopex provides tailored services to suit each client’s individual needs, covering all operational requirements and adapting a turnkey service that stands it head and shoulders above the rest.


In the two years since Africa Outlook last spoke to Minopex, the Company has continued to experience numerous successes, which have led it to become the operations and maintenance powerhouse that we see today.

At the time, the Company had successfully completed the replication of its very well established South Africa branch in Mozambique, a process that was completed four years ago. Minopex had been moving from strength to strength, predominantly due to the delivery of its operations and maintenance offerings that inevitably save clients on their capital in the long-run.

With its ability to work with almost every metal or mineral possible, the Company has given itself quite the name in the industry for its reliability and exceptionally innovative service. 

Following in the very successful footsteps of Minopex South Africa, the Mozambique branch has been able to offer a particularly flexible service due to its remote site and available service offering.

Moving forward from 2015, it was Minopex’s hope to see the Company consistently remaining focused on its clients, always going the extra mile in order to successfully meet their needs. In the present day these goals have truly been realised, now with a new objective to expand the Company and its various operations dramatically.

“We have been particularly successful in our objectives to date, particularly in regards to our customer relations in our Mozambique branch,” explains Renira Reddy, Business Development Executive at Minopex. “Our current objectives are centralised around continuing with our hard work in Africa as well as the potential of globalising and taking our business out into both Australia and America, while diversifying outside the minerals sector including the water, sugar, power and energy industries.”

As a whole, the Company is establishing a definitive mining division, which will alter the way in which it works within the industry, employing a wider scope in the market.

Reddy continues: “We are responding to the ever-changing and somewhat volatile mineral sector in Africa – which of course is not aided by currency and commodity fluctuations – and we are working hard to counter all of those effects.”


At present, the biggest investment for Minopex as a whole lies within its mining division due to the fact it is being grown completely from scratch.

Minopex has always been particularly logical when it comes to employing for new projects and new departments within the Company, only hiring after it has been successfully awarded projects.

“I would say it is a little like the chicken and egg scenario, where you can either employ people in the hopes that you will get the work and carry the overheads,” Reddy adds. “Or you can secure the work and then employ the right people with the required skills to carry it out.”  Appointments are made both internally to extend the Minopex culture to new projects as well as externally to target skills available in local communities.

“The only change to this way of thinking may come when the potential move into Australian market begins; things will have to be done in a different way to the African business in order for a successful start-up,” Reddy says. “Minopex has appointed a VP – Australia, Mr Greg Paholski who is responsible for expanding our footprint into Australia and who will be able to carry out a large chunk of the preliminary work for the Company to ensure that we are operationally ready to target the market.”


Closer to home with the Company’s main focus, Minopex is on the verge of securing a large and long-term project in Tanzania, while also working on ventures in Zambia and South Africa, centralising its key focus on Southern Africa.

“There are a few things that differentiate us and make the Company particularly appealing in the industry and the operator of choice, with 21 years of experience under our belts,” continues Reddy. “In that time we have successfully developed our operational readiness and we have also integrated all our systems to an extent that sets us head and shoulders above the rest of our competition.”

Due to the years of experience under the Company’s belt and the lessons it has learned over that time has meant it was able to ramp up projects quickly and maintain the standards set according to ISO accreditation, enabling the growth of partnerships with clients.

 “We have an incredibly good retention rate when it comes to our projects – many of which are longstanding – including one that is in its 19th year,” adds Reddy. “We are constantly achieving repeat business which shows that we are definitely doing something right, and I firmly believe that comes down to being KPI driven as a company and pushing operational boundaries to see what we can achieve.”


Minopex is now in the particularly strong position of having an incredibly good staff retention rate, treating its staff and managers incredibly well and forging long-lasting relationships, similar to its relationships with clients.

Reddy continues: “I would say that without a shadow of a doubt, we are able to retain our projects due to the particularly high calibre of staff we have and the partnerships we develop with our clients.”

The Company has the privilege of establishing and working with some particularly important subsidiary companies within its business, including Quality Laboratory Services (QLS), a division that is wholly-owned by Minopex that renders analytical laboratory services.

“Another two important wholly-owned subsidiaries are Ensersa our maintenance division and Ensermo which is the workshop that enables us to service mining clients in the Tete region in Mozambique,” concludes Reddy. “We are incredibly proud of these entities and I believe that continuing to evolve and build our Company in areas like this will bring us continued success and in the future, exciting projects all over the world.”

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