OiLibya : Fuelling Growth on a Continental Scale

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Fuelling the growth of its customers, business partners, stakeholders and communities across Africa, The role of OiLibya as a key player in the African energy industry is taking on even more weight in 2016 as its core values of being a truly continental figure sees its physical presence emanate its way across all regions.


Now spanning 18 countries, the Company has found a balance between alleviating any sector slowdowns and capitalising on the general economic development seen in much of Africa and – from its Group’s UAE headquarters – continues to drive further into the continent.

“Our presence in 18 African countries makes us a prominent member of the communities where we operate, contributing to their economic and social development, and therefore to that of the continent as a whole,” the Company states. “Loyal to its African character, OiLibya strives to be a responsible African Group, operating in accordance with key African ethical values; integrity; honesty and equity.”

Now employing a diverse array of 1,500 employees, subsequently generating around 20,000 indirect jobs, and meeting the needs of upwards of 250,000 customers a day, the business also boasts more than 1,000 service stations, eight blending plants, more than 60 fuel terminals and is present in more than 50 airports across the continent; and the business is positive that there is room for even more improvement in the future.

“Over the past few years Africa has been experiencing unprecedented economic growth, foreseen to continue, and possibly accelerate over the next decades,” the Company explains. “This has been accompanied by a strong increase in the demand for energy, which in turn has provided opportunities and, at the same time, led to an increase in competition in the African downstream oil market.

“These opportunities, needless to say, come with new challenges and more responsibilities, particularly with regard to safety and environment.

“OiLibya started its presence in Africa over 20 years ago, and while continually striving to improve, expand operations and build partnerships in the communities where it operates, the team never loses sight of OiLibya’s core values of fair competition, adherence to ethical principles and respect for the communities where it operates.”


With the Group incepted in 1993, a series of migrations, expansions and investments have dictated the Company’s evolution to this day; growing both organically and by way of acquisition.

Between 2004 and 2008 alone, the business bought five Shell affiliates in Niger, Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Sudan, as well as a further nine ExxonMobil affiliates across much of Eastern, Western and even Northern Africa.

Enhancing its influence not just on a geographical scale, but also on an internal offering level, the Company has subsequently diversified and expanded its service remit to incorporate both consumer and business sectors; offering fuels, lubricants, LPG, shops and services, and card services to the former, and a whole host of sector-specific solutions to the latter.

Industrial and wholesale, supply and trading, upstream activities, retail, aviation, marine, lubricants and card services all fall under OiLibya’s enterprise service portfolio, and despite the wider parent Group having eight brands under its stewardship, all products are marketed under the OiLibya banner.

“OiLibya is the brand and trading name used by the Libya Oil Holdings Ltd Group, and represents exceptional service, care and quality,” the Company notes. “The OiLibya brand, which was created less than 10 years ago, has already helped us to gain significant market awareness across Africa and beyond.

“The speed with which we have managed to achieve this recognition reflects our drive and the single-minded pursuit of our goals. We believe that the simple, elegant look of our brand reflects our focus on attaining the objectives that we set ourselves.”


Pursuing excellence through agility, professionalism, hard work and concern for safety, it is arguably the latter of the four principles that epitomise how OiLibya would most like to be known for, with social responsibility and continental enrichment forming the crux of all operations conducted across the business, and indeed the wider Group.

Encouraging collaboration, respect, teamwork and long-term partnerships, the nurturing of ethical attributes such as integrity and honesty have gone a long way in creating prosperity in each of its 18 countries of operation, and – with the ‘charity begins at home’ ethos brought to mind – it is OiLibya’s employees that benefit first and foremost.

“At OiLibya, we consider our employees to be our most important asset. We are committed to provide a work environment which enables our diverse workforce to be fully motivated in their job,” the Company emphasises. “To this end we have designed a human resources strategy which aims to consolidate at the forefront among our competitors, with the target to become the pacesetter in our industry.

“The said strategy aims to ensure that our staff are remunerated in accordance with local industry standards, as well as to allow them to work in an environment where diversity, innovation, professionalism in doing business, and a strict compliance to both local law and internal code of conduct relating to the Company governance, are highly valued.”

Taking on   board employees’ opinions and ideas has been a key driver behind OiLibya’s realisation of its initial vision, to be one of the key downstream players in shaping African energy and empowering African-born prosperity.

“Our mission is to energise our people and delight our partners by providing responsible energy solutions, and to ensure a good return on investments to shareholders,” the Company concludes. “OiLibya’s aim is to invest in Africa’s future and to be ‘your energy partner in Africa’.”

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By Eddie Clinton Senior Head of Projects