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Josh Rayfield is a Senior Head of Projects for Outlook Publishing. Josh is responsible for showcasing corporate stories in our digital B2B magazines and Digital Platforms, and sourcing collaborations with Business Leaders, Brands, and C-suite Executives to feature in future editions. Josh is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate. Reach out to Josh to discover how you and your business could be our next cover story.
Senior Head of Projects
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Regis Holdings Ltd : Trust, Reliability, Performance

Making waves across the oil & gas sector has become somewhat of a status quo for Regis Holdings Ltd, a Company who has expanded from its South African base over the past 22 years to become a diverse international operator.

Lobels Biscuits & Sweets : First-Class Standards

The prosperous and dynamic history of Lobels Biscuits & Sweets has been a direct result of continuous improvement and monitoring of the latest industry trends in order to shape the future direction of the brand.

Coca-Cola Sabco Mozambique : Gaining Momentum through Strategy

With an estimated consumer base of 24 million people, Coca-Cola Sabco Mozambique has been increasing its production capabilities by stabilising its distribution network and investing in state-of-the-art equipment.

Sakata Seed Southern Africa : Quality, Reliability and Service

Sakata Seed Southern Africa has grown tremendously over the past few years in making the horticultural seed market its own in the region in recent years, as it leverages more than 100 years of global experience.

Sigma Supplies : Ruling the Roost

Sigma Supplies has ascended from humble beginnings to become one of the country’s largest fully integrated poultry companies, diversifying and expanding in line with the country’s most pressing industry trends.

Open Food : Keeping its Options Open

OPEN Food is exploring new horizons, new sectors and new territories as it stays true to an entrepreneurial ethos which continues to keep the catering specialist ahead of the industry curve and market competition year after year.

Advance Seed : Selling with Education

Advance Seed is striving for international expansion and internal improvements as it continues to align itself with parent company, AGT Foods; a global leader in the pulse processing and staple foods industries.

IFS (International Facilities Services) : Unlocking Scalability

Since embarking on its first remote site project for Anglo South Africa in the early 2000s, International Facilities Services (IFS) has capitalised on the marked increase in investment and development on the African continent.

Lobels Bread : Baking on Demand

As one of the country’s largest and oldest food producers, Lobels has an exciting past which was the result of strategic investments that recognised the importance and demand for the final product.

ZZ2 : Practices for Long-Term Value

ZZ2 is the brand name for a farming organisation which now supplies more than 40 percent of commercially traded tomatoes in South Africa.