Issue 51

Cherry Irrigation : Solid Foundations

Cherry Irrigation has established a solid foundation in the industry, built upon years of knowledge and experience as one of the few irrigation companies possessing the ability to take you from design right through to implementation.

MAN Truck and Bus South Africa : Efficient World-Class Vehicles

The MAN Truck and Bus brand has achieved worldwide recognition for efficiency, innovation and customer proximity, gaining the trust of its customers through reliable vehicles and services.

Black Tulip : The Best Quality Imaginable

The Black Tulip Group is one of the largest independent floral companies, supplying a premium quality range of cut flowers, cut foliage and plants, evolving into a truly global enterprise with decades of expertise.

Missionpharma Zambia Ltd : Accelerating the New Africa

Missionpharma Zambia Ltd’s goal to ensure safe and secure healthcare processes on an entirely localised scale is set to save lives and innovate the most encompassing of sectors.

Modi Mining : Rooted in Mining

With an abundance of managerial acumen and entrepreneurial flair to pull upon, Modi Mining cc’s track record continues to turn heads in Southern Africa.

Minopex : Excellence in Operations and Maintenance

Minopex provides tailored services to suit each client’s individual needs, covering all operational requirements and adapting a turnkey service that stands it head and shoulders above the rest.

Gill Consulting Engineers Ltd : Top-Tier Service

Gill Consulting Engineers Ltd, provides a dedicated team of engineering specialists to respond to your construction needs.

Holtan East Africa : Today’s Innovation, Tomorrow’s Success

Holtan East Africa has come a long way in the industry, now a name synonymous with top-tier construction and superior service in Tanzania.

Abdul Mullick Associates Consulting Engineers

Abdul Mullick Associates (AMA) Consulting Engineers has enacted its five-year strategy, with weakness identification and strength optimisation driving the  Company towards its long term mission.

Velos Enterprises Ltd : Second to None

Velos Enterprises Ltd has a CV almost second to none in Zambia when it comes to construction contracting, building a positive reputation for overcoming challenges in order to finish projects no matter what.

Oryx Properties : Uplifting Investments

Oryx Properties is renowned for its consistency in delivering growing and  sustainable income for its investors; doing so in a way that enriches not just the  business, but the wider communities also.

Bonagui SA : Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Guinea

Bonagui SA, part of Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company, looks to inspire moments of optimism and happiness while creating value and making a difference for Guinea Conakry.

Darling Brew : Slow Brewed Craft Beers

Darling Brew has built a reputation for quality around its slow brewing process, creating a wide range of craft beers loved for their flavour and unique characteristics.