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Editorial Team

Gill Consulting Engineers Ltd, provides a dedicated team of engineering specialists to respond to your construction needs.


Gill Consulting Engineers Ltd, was established in 1996, providing services that cover the full spectrum of needs in the construction industry, specifically consultancy services and building services for engineering.

With a fully dedicated team of engineering specialists the Company has had the ability to specialise in various fields, among those including electrical and mechanical engineering.

“We are very lucky that with the expertise housed within our Company, we are able to specialise in a vast array of areas in the industry,” explains the Company on its website. “Recently we have specialised in technical studies, design, supervision and the preparation of specifications and contract documents, as well as feasibility and technical studies.”

Within the firm there are six electrical and mechanical engineers whose qualifications and expertise particularly highlight the high-level service on offer from Gill Consulting Engineers.

“We are particularly lucky that some of the engineers in the firm have received training on energy efficiency and energy auditing through GEF-KAM – a project proposed by the Government of Kenya and supported by UNDP and the Global Environment Facility (GEF) implemented by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers,” continues the Company. “This has put us in an excellent position in the industry when it comes to the need for extra services, for example, our firm was asked to conduct energy audits in specific industries and particularly the University of Nairobi.”


One of the pivotal aspects to Gill Consulting’s success within the industry is the hard work and dedication of its engineers; between them having enough years experience to rival any company working in the industry today.

“John Nyalita is one of our mechanical engineers, who has over 15 years of post-qualification experience,” the Company affirms. “This experience is centralised in both the design of mechanical services and in the building projects themselves, alongside the installation and maintenance of mechanical equipment in manufacturing and hospitality sector.”

The Company aims to recruit from the top universities in order to ensure spectacular service and top-tier work for every project. With engineers like John Nyalita holding a Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering degree from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, this becomes an attainable reality.

The Company has a particularly strong range of electrical engineers, with many years of expertise between them, including Job M. Sisungo, an electrical engineer with an excellent range of projects under his belt, including design, documentation, supervision and commissioning of electrical services in building projects.

The Company adds: “Similarly we have Walaa Mohamed, and electronics and communication engineer, who joined us from Cairo University and impressively a graduate member of the Egyptian syndicate of engineering in Egypt.”

The Company has managed to select a wide range of employees with varied project experience, again reiterating the desire of Gill Consulting to be able to achieve a full service offering for all needs in the industry.

“As a company we like to nurture young talent and help them work their way up the ranks,” explains the Company. “A prime example would be Dismas Okoth, an assistant mechanical engineer who is two years post-qualification, yet showing great promise in the design of mechanical services. It is working with young talent like this that really keeps us on our toes and drives the Company onwards.”


As you would expect with a growing company of Gill Consulting’s success, there are times when a large demand will be placed on their employees.

In order to ensure that this does not impact its work in any way, the Company has an official arrangement in place which enables it to engage the temporary relief services of other qualified engineers, consulting firms and reputed secretarial bureaus – specifically for secretarial personnel – in order to provide an uninterrupted service to clients during any unanticipated increases in the volume of work taken on.

“Some of this extra work can include technical studies, design, supervision and projects for schools, hospitals, research institutions, multipurpose halls, cinemas, production and process factories, libraries and laboratories,” concludes the Company. “The design of operating and maintenance systems for various institutions such as hospitals and international conference centres, can cause quite the extra workload, which is why it is important to have contingencies in place.

“In having these contingencies, we ensure that our service and standards are never compromised, and we are always producing work we are incredibly proud of.”

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