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Joshua MannEditorial Team
Joshua Mann - Regional Director Editorial Team

The Black Tulip Group is one of the largest independent floral companies, supplying a premium quality range of cut flowers, cut foliage and plants, evolving into a truly global enterprise with decades of expertise.


The Black Tulip Group has experienced astronomical success in the years since it came to fruition, laying the foundations for product excellence which over time has been the key factor in sowing the seeds of success for the Company.

Currently, Black Tulip Group’s reach spans far and wide, operating 24 companies in which the locations where specifically and strategically chosen to maximise potential, including UAE, Holland, India, Malaysia, Qatar and of course Kenya, with centralised headquarters in the UAE.

“Our corporate direction and strategic outlook of the Group in general is predominantly driven by the determination we have to redefine and enrich the collective experience of our clients,” explains the Company on its website. “We believe we can achieve this by reaching higher standards in both quality and customer care.

“Alongside that, we are creating value for all of our stakeholders, both directly and indirectly linked to our Company, and simultaneously maintaining good corporate governance and acting as a socially responsible entity.”

The Group is renowned for challenging existing issues and creating solutions which will allow them to achieve consistent growth with applied innovation and skilled execution. In the years since its inception, constantly investing in niche market opportunities with an open-minded attitude and hard-headed practicality has served it incredibly well.


One of the ultimate goals of the Group is to always keep its customers in sight, remembering at all times that each customer is unique and similarly to all of the flowers produced by Black Tulip on its farms in Kenya, distinguished in their own right.

“Just like the flowers we are renowned for, we realise that our customers should be given close attention to detail,” continues the Company. “We treat each customer with the utmost care, ensuring that at all times during the process of our work with them that they are happy and of course satisfied with every purchase that they make, be that flowers, plants or accessories.”

The dedication to its personalised client-oriented service and to the perfection of the product – all for an incredibly competitive price – has led to the inevitable success of Black Tulip as one of the largest independent flora companies operating today.  

“We are incredibly proud of the development of a strong and loyal B2B and B2C customer base,” adds the Company. “All of the customers we have worked with recognise the unique value that we have to offer at Black Tulip, where we always go above and beyond the other similar floral companies in the region.

“As a particularly socially responsible – not to mention community driven organisation – not only do we invest in our customers’ wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of our staff and the incredibly important team members who work with us as part of the family to both produce and deliver the best at all times.”


With two decades of progressive and socially responsible expertise under its belt, Black Tulip Group can offer work and knowledge in a broad spectrum of business subsidiaries which cover the span of floral services, production, retail, logistics as well as import and export.

“Within our showrooms we display flowers that will make a stylized statement, including a touch of fantasy, allowing each flower and plant to truly resonate the pride of Black Tulip Group’s origin,” the Company describes. “All of our flower arrangements are treasured buds stemming from engineered brilliance, which of course sets the tone when used by customers as a way to celebrate precious moments in life.”

The Group has mastered the ability to cater for every possible flower related need, whether that be a flower that requires sophistication or flamboyance, perhaps a level of surreal, Black Tulip is able to always provide its customers with just the right flower to suit every possible mood.

“The promise we make to our customers time and time again is to always deliver on high quality, product freshness and made-to-order perfection,” says the Company. “Our farms in Kenya have been earnestly cultivated and nurtured by our staff to deliver on the best premium range of cut-flowers found in the industry.”

Black Tulip is very well positioned in order to offer high-grade flowers to suit its customers’ needs, maintaining control of the process right the way across the production chain of the flowers and plants it is producing.

The Company continues: “We proudly have the widest variety of plants growing on our state-of-the-art farms, all factors are closely managed to ensure customers receive the freshest, most hydrated flowers that we can possibly produce.”


Always the keen innovator operating within the industry, in 2009 Black Tulip launched its own freight and logistics division called Garden Freight Logistics, the aim of which was to streamline its shipments while enhancing supply chain operations.

This arm of the Company is based at the main Nairobi International airport premises, named Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and within that Garden Freight Logistics has adopted an advanced operational infrastructure in order to ship products from its farms to worldwide destinations.

“It was important for us to create this in order to meet our clients’ freight forwarding needs,” explains the Company. “Throughout its year-round service, the implementation of superior administrative documentation, along with a large-scale storage facility has improved the overall service on offer greatly.”

Alongside these facilitation and administrative upgrades, through establishing valuable alliances with leading airliners and transport service providers, the Group has subsequently been able to incorporate the best industry practices when it comes to shipping and logistics, ensuring products are distributed with precision and delivered in the manner that they left Black Tulip.

The Company describes: “With our cold storage facility able to hold more than 15 tonnes of cargo at a time, our service is incredibly efficient and Garden Freight Logistics was created with the ability to augment any temperature-sensitive volume shipments for clients and business partners.”

Thanks to its years of service and experience, Black Tulip Groups flowers have consoled those mourning the loss of loved ones or celebrating the addition of a new member of the family’s arrival.

“We love having the ability to bring joy to many through our flowers,” concludes the Company. “Black Tulip is always available for any last minute flower needs – giving personal attention to every order – people appreciate the personal touches, it is those that set us apart and will continue to drive us forward as a leader in the industry.”

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