Issue 38

OiLibya : Fuelling Growth on a Continental Scale

Fuelling the growth of its customers, business partners, stakeholders and communities across Africa, The role of OiLibya as a key player in the African energy industry is taking on even more weight in 2016 as its core values of being a truly continental figure sees its physical presence emanate its way across all regions.

Masumali Meghji Insurance Brokers : Pairing Expertise with Innovation

Mombasa-based Masumali Meghji Insurance Brokers Ltd has been able to strengthen and explore growth opportunities at a time when other industry players in East Africa are consolidating.

Airtel Malawi : Telecoms Right on Your Doorstep

The appointment of Charles Kamoto as the new Managing Director of Airtel Malawi marked the start of a new chapter for the company.

RSwitch Limited : Switching to a Cashless Economy

RSwitch continues to fly the flag for Rwanda in bringing the next generation of financing and banking to a country engulfed in the possibilities of a digital revolution.

3M Africa : Regional Restructure Generates Growth

Driven by the continuous economic improvement in Africa, 3M is currently reaping the benefits of restructuring its African business.

HBS Africa Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd : The Engineers of Choice

HBS Africa Consulting Engineers has spent more than three decades honing its high level of experience and technical knowhow, working in some of the continent’s fastest-developing construction markets.

Pearl Dairy : Stronger Bones, Smarter Minds

Pearl Dairy is contributing to a healthier and stronger Uganda as it leverages huge amounts of scientific expertise and innovation to expand the distribution of its infamous LATO Milk branded products across the country and wider region.

Lobels Biscuits & Sweets : First-Class Standards

The prosperous and dynamic history of Lobels Biscuits & Sweets has been a direct result of continuous improvement and monitoring of the latest industry trends in order to shape the future direction of the brand.

Conlog (Pty) Ltd : Solutions for Utilities

Conlog is celebrating its 50 year anniversary in style as the South African pre-payment electricity meter Company looks to build upon an already worldwide influence that sees more than 70 utilities reaping the financial benefits of its revenue management solutions.

National Water and Sewerage Corporation : Water for All

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has been Uganda’s source of sustainable water provision and delivery since 1972, striving towards its goal of bringing “Water for All”.

Motheo Construction Group : Leaving a Legacy

Motheo Construction Group continues to be driven by the significant national need to fulfil basic housing requirements, while remaining an agile, sustainable and adaptable market player.

Lithon Project Consultants : Bringing Hope to Communities

Lithon Project Consultants has spent much of the past 12 months strengthening its reputation from a geographical perspective as it looked to expand its renowned service provision across both Namibia and South Africa.

Uganda Reinsurance Company Limited : Trusted Local Reinsurance

Uganda Reinsurance Company Limited (Uganda Re) is a proudly local Company, providing both Life and Non-Life services after starting operations in June, 2013, with a full staff compliment of local workers.