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Translink Uganda Ltd

Local Knowledge with International Reach Translink Uganda Limited combines knowledge with International Business acumen to deliver first class distribution services to East Africa Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Donovan Smith With global multinational companies looking for new markets in Africa to expand into, logistics and distribution companies with impeccable service delivery, coupled with strong local knowledge of markets and cultures, have become indispensible. Having been operating in the country since 1991 and with roots in the region stretching back to 1905, Translink Uganda Ltd fit this very criteria. Translink are Uganda's premier distribution and logistics company, representing some of the world's most renowned industry leaders including Samsung, Johnson & Johnson and Nestle. Amar Thakrar, Sales Director of Translink, has noted a considerable change in the market's composition over the last 23 years and this change has benefitted the company greatly: "When the company was first established, we were operating in a very traditional market, largely driven by a few wholesalers with limited retail infrastructure. With the shift to a more contemporary and structured market place, trade has become considerably more organised and larger in scale. Big retail chains have taken over the wholesaler role, meaning logistics and distribution companies like us - representing high quality brands - have really prospered." Western Ethos, Ugandan Knowledge With Idi Amin's successful Coup D'état in Uganda the 70's, the company's founders, Mukesh Thakrar and Raj Thakrar were forced to move to the UK. During this period of exile, they gained valuable experience and a greater understanding of western business ethos

Spar Distribution

The Beating Heart of Spar SPAR Distribution Lowveld Oversee Logistic services to twenty nine SPAR stores, eighteen SUPERSPAR'S, twenty seven Tops Liquor stores, eleven Savemor Stores, and two pharmacies in the Lowveld region Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Callum Philp SPAR Lowveld is one of the six main distribution centres for SPAR South Africa, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Southern Africa. SPAR Lowveld offers a full range of services to: 29 SPAR stores, 18 SUPERSPAR'S, 27 Tops liquor stores, 11 Savemor stores, and 2 pharmacies in South Africa's Lowveld region, ranging from Komati in the east of the region, to Carolina in the west, and Phalaborwa in the north, as well as in Swaziland and Mozambique. These services include a full marketing function (buying of grocery items at competitive prices which are then passed on to the stores themselves), advertising and promotions, retail operations management advice (include in-depth financial advice and services), store development assistance and logistical services. The objective of SPAR Lowveld is to put independent small, medium and large retailers in a position to compete with the major chains, as well as dominate the convenience markets. Whilst their core businesses are is product procurement, warehousing and distribution services, they exist to service independent retailers operating under one of the SPAR banners. Their focus is the development and support of these independent retailers to be the best operators in the markets they serve in terms of retail offering, exceptional customer service, and meaningful community involvement. Rob De Vos, Divisional Managing Director for SPAR

Airtel Madagascar : My Country, My Network

Africa Outlook spoke to Maixent Bekangba, Managing Director of Airtel Madagascar about working to bring a better service to the Country.

Airtel Sierra Leone : Life Enriching

Airtel Sierra Leone are investing millions on the modernisation of their network towers and a new data centre in the Country.

Hwange Colliery

Zimbabwe's Coal Colossus Hwange Collier has strict internal policies whose objective is to guarantee on-time delivery for all customers and an excellent handle on health and safety throughout it's mining and processing practices Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Glen Newton Hwange Colliery Company Limited is in the business of mining and processing coal, production of coke and related by-products. The company aims to produce more than five million tonnes of coal per annum in order to satisfy both the domestic and key export customers. Hwange is the leading coal producer in Zimbabwe and supplies the nation's requirements, including low phosphorus coal and coke. The largest coal consumer, Hwange power station, is situated adjacent to the mine and currently takes about 180,000 tonnes per month of HPS coal which is delivered to the power station as an opencast run-of-mine product from the upper portion of the coal seam. The lower portion of the seam comprises high quality coal with coking attributes and provides feedstock for metallurgical processes both within and outside Zimbabwe. Further, the higher quality coal from the lower portion of the seam is sold after processing through local distributors for use in agriculture, mines and associated industry, homes as well as three smaller thermal power stations in Bulawayo, Harare and Munyati. Chaba Mine Operations at Chaba Mine were commissioned in February 2006. The mining operations, which commenced with overburden production so as to expose coal, produced the first tonne of coal in April 2006 and an overall 22,563 tonnes was mined in the same month.

Gridco Ghana

Ghana's Backbone to Power Delivery As the company celebrate their sixth anniversary, GRIDCo's growth is much stronger than anticipated Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling The 1st August 2014 marked the sixth anniversary of the operationalisation of the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo); a great achievement for both the company and Ghana's power generation industry. Since its incorporation in December 2006 as a private limited liability company, GRIDCo's strategy has been to develop and promote competition in Ghana's wholesale power market by providing transparent, non-discriminatory and open access to the transmission grid for all the participants in the power market, in particular for the power generators and bulk consumers and thus ensuring efficient power delivery for all. The company became operational on August 1st, 2008 following the transfer of the core staff and power transmission assets from VRA to GRIDCo. The company was established in accordance with the Energy Commission Act, 1997 (Act 541) and the Volta River Development (Amendment) Act, 2005 Act 692, which provides for the establishment and exclusive operation of the National Interconnected Transmission System by an independent Utility and the separation of the transmission functions of the Volta River Authority (VRA) from its other activities within the framework of the Power Sector Reforms. Ghana as a Gateway to the West African Market With Ghana's strong desire to establish itself as a gateway to the West African market, key supporting factors such as resources and power generation are required for the country to reach its goal of becoming a middle-income country. Following

Cummins SA : The Engine of Africa

Cummins South Africa (Cummins SA) serves the varied needs of its customers with world class coolant, filtration and fuel additive products.

Beige Holdings

Multinational Manufacturers Beige Holdings have been working hard to bring in new clients and have signed contracts with major multinational clients including Beiersdorf and Henkel Beauty Care Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Ben Wigger Nine months ago we featured an interview with Quality Products, a subsidiary company of Beige Holdings. In this issue, we spoke with Beige Holdings themselves to see how the broader company has fared during a difficult economic time. Many things can happen in nine months in the South African manufacturing industry. Currency depreciation coupled with inflation rising quicker than income means that companies can fold and takeovers can happen. But it is not all doom and gloom in the case of Beige Holdings, who during this time have expanded and filled the void created by competitors who have ceased trading. For Struan Robertson, Beige Holdings Group Sales & Marketing Manager, the last nine months has been a challenging but ultimately successful time for the company: "The last few months have seen many changes in the country. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to post a profit or break even due to the constant material rises and reduction in product valuation. As we have always operated within realistic margins and budgets, we have remained afloat throughout this time." Depreciation of a Market With the rand in constant fluctuation and very weak against global currencies, the price of doing business in South Africa has risen sharply. With the global recession still clearly being felt in the region, many companies have been forced to either

PPC Zimbabwe : Built on Solid Foundations

PPC Zimbabwe has stood the test of time thanks to dedication from their staff and a consistently high quality product.

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