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Dar es Salaam Glass Works Ltd

Changing the Skyline of Dar es SalaamWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Stuart ParkerDar es Salaam Glass Works (DGW) has brought peace of mind and the highest quality operations to its ever-growing range of customers across Tanzania and is now looking to leverage its influence further through expansion and diversification across its service range and project portfolio.DGW’s ambition according to Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sadiq Datoo, is “to be the market leader in glass, aluminium and glazing solutions in East Africa which will be achieved through our commitment to quality, service, value and continuous innovation”.“We shall always be committed to meeting the highest customer experience and fulfil our responsibilities both socially and for the industry at-large through our continued investment in research and development in order to capitalise on technological advancements, while at the same time implementing energy efficient processes,” he adds.With 40 years of experience in the design, fabrication and installation of high quality fenestration products – including, but not limited to structural glazing, curtain wall, doors, windows, roof glazing and skylights, as well as aluminium cladding, suspended ceilings, partition walls, louvers and shop fronts – this variety is a reflection of the level of utmost confidence shared by both new and existing clients in DGW’s ability to deliver the highest quality workmanship and product solutions on time and within budget.Add an even more extensive array of sub-sectors within each of these divisions and it is no surprise that DGW is now the go-to operator in one of the continent’s most burgeoning construction domains.“From its humble origins in Bridge

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AMS Properties Ltd

All-Inclusive LivingWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Arron RamplingHaving completed close-to two million square feet of residential, commercial and industrial development projects in the past couple of years, bringing the total completed to more than seven million square feet, AMS Properties has shown keen interest in further diversifying its revenue streams in the past two years, with a strategic move into Kenya’s hospitality industry at the epicentre of the Company’s medium-term growth plan.Led by the wise leadership of brothers Ronal and Rupen Samani, AMS Properties is closely monitoring the ongoing infrastructural and property development trends in Kenya, placing concerted focus on how best to develop its luxury and mid-market real estate offering with the help of new partners and investors, who can provide the equity needed to create a good quality pipeline.“A mere 10 years ago, we were only active in the residential sector, where luxury developments were considered a niche. Since then, we have diversified our revenue streams and expanded our portfolio in line with industry trends and demands to stay ahead of the gradually increasing competition,” recalls Ronal Samani, Director of Corporate Development.“There is only so much that one sector can offer and as the industry has become more saturated, diversification has been key for us to be able to continue operating in the same counties, but via new opportunities that can be explored across the commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors.”Known as the first real estate Company to achieve Superbrand status in East Africa, Kenya’s local luxury housing pioneer, AMS Properties is now a dynamic and agile organisation

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