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Latest 21 Corporate Stories

H.S. Jutley Insurance Brokers : Trans-African Insurance

Boasting the ability to handle all classes of insurance ranging from Individual risks, small and medium enterprises to large and complex commercial risks, H.S. Jutley work across general insurance, life insurance and medical insurance policies.

Hutz Medical : Advancing Healthcare Technology

Hutz has seen its medical lighting and equipment become exclusively used in several hospitals across South Africa, testament to their full understanding of the requirements of the African market.

Quality Supermarkets : Home-Grown Grocers

Quality Supermarkets, one of the most prosperous business ventures by Ugandan entrepreneurs, is testament to why determination and hard work, are pertinent ingredients for success.

Pep Clothing : The Fabric of South Africa

Pep Clothing provides insight into the current market conditions for the garment manufacturing industry in South Africa and the company’s biggest achievements as we approach the end of 2014.

Flo-Tek : No-One Carries Water Like We Do

Flo-Tek is led by a group of professional specialists, who each bring a set of specific industry skills and experience to the company.

Nu-Line Elevator Products Pte Ltd : Elevating Business

Nu-Line says each elevator is different, and by offering a tailored design service in-country, they can guarantee customers receive a quality South African product, made by local people.

Motseng-Selmec : Southern Africa’s Strategic Investors

Motseng-Selmec is a diversified investment holding company with investment and operations in property through the property investment and property services boutiques, as well as diversified strategic investments.

Broll Property Management : Some See Windows, We See Opportunities

Broll Property Group a leading commercial property service company in Africa, with offices in major cities and towns across the continent.

DHL Supply Chain : Delivering Joy, Prosperity & Trust

Known for delivering your parcels from A to B, DHL Supply Chain strive to be the logistics provider that people turn to for all their shipping needs.

UPD (United Pharmaceutical Distributors)

In 2009, UPD upgraded their distribution centres to world-class status. Since this time the pharmaceutical supplier has gone from strength to strength, growing their brand presence in order to reach as many customers and patients as possible.