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Airtel Zambia : Interview with Charity Chanda Lumpa

Africa Outlook spoke to the first female and Zambian Managing Director for Airtel Zambia, Charity Chanda Lumpa.

City Property

Cosmopolitan property management City Property are a caring and trusting business who maintain a high standard of quality and business practices, which are delivered by their staff Project Manager Arron Rampling City Property Administration (Pty) Ltd is a residential and commercial property management company that has been operating since 1968, headquartered in Pretoria with a supporting office in Johannesburg. The managed portfolio consists of nearly 700 buildings, including over 10,000 flats, with a combined lettable area of commercial space in excess of 1.4 million square meters. City Property strives to employ industry best practice in its systems, management and staff recruitment. This ensures the efficient administration of over 14,000 tenants. Their property portfolio is diverse in nature ranging from traditional shopping malls, convenience shopping centres, industrial workshops, warehouses, offices, retail shops and residential flats. Their major clients include two listed property investment companies: Premium Properties Limited and Octodec Investments Limited, as well as a large number of private clients. Diverse and Sophisticated Management City Property transforms buildings and injects fresh vitality into Africa's inner cities. The company provide sophisticated, modern and cosmopolitan retail spaces, offices, warehouses and apartments that ensure that those who live and work in the CBD (Central Business District) enjoy the best South Africa's cities have to offer. City Property has a wealth of experience in both property management services and the asset management of property holding companies. As the company strive for excellence in all they do, they have a duty to remain forthright in their values and have created a positioning

ITB Nigeria

The growing face of Nigerian development I.T.B are a company that have withstood economic challenges and come out of it stronger and with a greater self belief Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Ben Wigger I.T.B. Nigeria limited, part of the construction division of the Chagoury group, was formed in 1995 in Lagos. a growing demand for specialist, civil engineering services, enabled I.T.B. to focus its energies on developing an African market for its expertise. The company is proud to proclaim it is one of the only civil engineering and construction firms whose head office and main operations are based solely in Africa. I.T.B. hopes to increase home grown interest in civil engineering, promoting African expertise at home and abroad and eventually taking African engineers into the global export market. With over 2500 employees, I.T.B. has become the growing face of Nigerian development. Fadi Sawaya, I.T.B's Managing Director, believes the company's main strength is in its ability to work on a project from scratch: "the company has always been able to undertake any construction project from conception to completion. we are very much design and build-orientated, this gives us a competitive edge as we can create plans based on project requirements and can implement cutting-edge ideas into our projects." Turning the Corner Over the last two years, Nigeria has seen a slowdown in the number of construction projects being undertaken, due to the lack of serious investment from both domestic and foreign companies. The economic climate has further compounded the problem, but Sawaya thinks that the worst


Standing out from the cloud Cemair has been placed in a strong position to cement their standing as one of Africa's top aviation leasing specialists Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Stuart Shirra Based in South Africa, CemAir are a specialist aircraft leasing company who operate a large fleet of Beech 1900 airliners 3 Bombardier CRJ's. The company offers the leasing of turboprop and regional jets on flexible short, medium or long-term contracts to a variety of clients including oil and gas companies, humanitarian charities and businesses. The service provided can be tailored to a customer's requirements, which can include a full maintenance team, operational support and pilots. Miles van der Molen, CEO of Cemair, is very pleased with how far the company has come since its inception in 2005 and is keen to highlight the vast experience they have amassed since that time: "we have gained considerable experience in operating and supporting our aircraft in a variety of conditions since we began the company in 2005. we place a strong emphasis on maintaining fi rst world standards in third world environments, striving to achieve high levels of reliability and international operating standards." the company has operating and leasing experience throughout Africa and the Middle East, including Afghanistan, Nigeria, Tunisia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Ghana, Mozambique and South Africa. The Fleet CemAir grew from a partnership which began in 2002 with the acquisition of a Cessna Grand Caravan. The partnership developed further with the purchase of several piston powered aircrafts and following the procurement

Atlas Copco Zambia

Global innovators The Atlas Copco brand promises sustainable productivity, off erring products, services and solutions which are more productive, lower cost and safer for the customer Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Eddie Clinton Swedish giant Atlas Copco established themselves in Zambia in 1949 and have consequently been supporting the Zambian mining industry for over 60 years, with a staff size of 143 locally. As a world leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, the company has evolved alongside the latest technological advances, delivering unparalleled levels of efficiency to the resources sector. the company's products range from compressed air and gas equipment to construction and mining equipment and industrial tool and assembly systems. Boasting a diverse product and services range, Atlas Copco Zambia provide end-to-end solutions for their customers and suppliers in Zambia and the DRC, including full aftermarket support to a number of mines and contractors. "As a triple certified organisation in Africa, we live and breathe our core values and our brand is what makes Atlas Copco such a prominent name in the mining industry," explains Daniel Banister, General Manager of Atlas Copco Zambia. With businesses in more than 170 countries and a diverse group of employees, Atlas Copco are a truly global company, who continue on their way to success, securing the best mining solutions for their customers. Atlas Copco aim to provide complete end-to-end solutions to buyers and customers via their three core values of interaction, commitment and innovation. "These values form our past, created our present and will guide our future. Combine this

Joy Global South Africa

Solving mining's toughest challenges Joy Global have become one of the biggest suppliers of products and related services to the mining industry in Sub-Saharan Africa Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Tom Cullum Joy Global Inc. is a worldwide leader in high-productivity mining solutions. With over 130 years' experience in the manufacture, sales and service of original equipment and related parts for the surface and underground mining industries, Joy Global have become one of the biggest suppliers of products and related services to the mining industry in Sub-Saharan Africa. The first Joy Global sales office in Africa was opened in 1929 in Johannesburg and has steadily grown to now boast a staff compliment of over 1500. The company's products are used extensively for the mining of coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands, gold and other mineral resources. Matimba Mahange, Sales & Marketing Director for Underground Mining at Joy Global Africa, explains just why Joy Global has been so successful: "We pride ourselves on providing a full range of value-added aftermarket services for the mining industry. Our focus is on mining and mining only. We are committed to assisting our customers' needs and requests at every turn. To achieve this, we use a Life Cycle Management approach, which places the highest value on continuous and exceptional customer support." Advancing the Industry Joy Global Africa have invested over R80 million in a new distribution and service centre at their Wadeville Plant in South Africa. This new plant will enable them to better service their customers from a central localised

Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria Plc

Cementing Nigeria's future Lafarge has embraced the housing and infrastructure challenges in the Nigerian construction sector, in order to support the country's socio-economic development Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Tom Cullum Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria Plc is one of the foremost cement manufacturing and marketing companies in Nigeria. Since its establishment in 1959, the company has grown sustainably and made a tremendous contribution to the availability of cement in the country. As a result of its take-over in February 2008, Lafarge SA became the majority shareholder in WAPCO, culminating in the change of name from West African Portland Cement Plc to Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria Plc. A subsidiary of Lafarge SA, the world's largest cement manufacturer and leader in building materials with a presence in 64 countries, Lafarge WAPCO has been and will continue to be the driving force for quality in Nigeria's construction industry and positions innovation at the heart of its priorities, working towards sustainable construction and architectural creativity in every project. The company has three plants in Nigeria - one in Sagamu and two in Ewekoro - with a current production capacity of 4.5 million metric tonnes. With an objective of increasing the overall availability of cement to Nigerians, as well as assisting in achieving the Federal Government's drive for affordable housing, Lafarge WAPCO has made immense investments in supporting Nigeria's socio-economic development. Building Better Cities Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria Plc is in the business of 'Building Better Cities', a vision that is expressed through the innovative solutions and services their operations offer.

Manguang Metropolitan Municipality

At the heart of it all Mangaung Metro Municipality is a category A municipality with a vibrant and strong economy, driven by the government sector Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Stuart Shirra Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality is a Category A municipality covering an area of 6284km². It is situated in the Free State province, in the central of South Africa. The Free State is bordered by the Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and North West provinces, as well as by the neighbouring country of Lesotho. Mangaung, meaning "Place of the Cheetahs", highlights the vibrant, dynamic and energetic character of the tourism industry in the "City on the move". The economy is strongly driven by the government sector, which has seen the significant growth in the last five years as a result of increased government programmes in local neighbourhood and residential improvement projects, such as new housing and facilities management. The finance sector is the second-fastest growing sector due to big drives in real estate and construction developments, which have also helped the local companies looking to increase their footprint in the municipality. Small businesses have a major role to play in the South African economy, and especially those in the Mangaung area, in terms of employment creation, income generation and financial stability. There are approximately 12 million people in South Africa that are actively involved in the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) sector, which accounts for approximately 60 percent of all employment. In an area such as Mangaung, with its fairly high levels of unemployment

uThungulu District Municipality

Strengthening Uthungulu's Infrastructure uThungulu strives to be an economically viable district, with effective infrastructure that supports job creation through economic growth, rural development and promotion of their rich heritage Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Stuart Shirra The magnificent uThungulu District is located in the north-eastern region of the KwaZulu-Natal province on the eastern seaboard of South Africa. The District has the third highest population in the province and stretches from the agricultural town of Gingindlovu in the south, to the uMfolozi River in the north and inland to the mountainous beauty of rural Nkandla. uThungulu strives to be an economically viable district, with effective infrastructure that supports job creation through economic growth, rural development and promotion of their rich heritage. For the seventh time, the District were awarded Best IDP (Integrated Development Plan) in the province, remaining in the top 10 IDP's for over ten years. In order to create a prospering district, the Municipality have a series of strong missions: ● Rural development, agrarian reform and food security; ● Creating economic growth and decent job opportunities; ● Fighting crime and corruption; ● Promoting quality education for all; ● Improving quality of health; ● Community participation, nation building and good governance. Gateway to the World uThungulu's gateway to the world markets is the Port of Richards Bay, which is the largest deep-water port on the African continent. The harbour facilities at Richards Bay are world-class and there is tremendous potential for further expansion of this Industrial Development Zone. "This has resulted in Richards Bay becoming the


Finance you can trust When it comes to financial services, Trustco is a company that tries to re-create and redevelop products, breaking new ground in the process and enticing new customers to their businesses Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Sheridan Halls Ryan McDougall, Acting CEO of Trustco, likes to think of his company as a "good old fashioned conglomerate", boasting a variety of different business lines including property development, insurance, student lending, air charter, print media and education. With 57 branches across South Africa and Namibia, Trustco are geared up for future expansion and extension of their services into pastures new. Trustco, a JSE listed group, has a market cap of USD130million, revenues of USD80 million per annum and generated earnings in excess of USD23million in its 2014 financial year. Trustco likes to be different, striving to change people's perceptions and connotations of a conglomerate by providing a set of unique and innovative products to somewhat niche markets. "We have tried to solve age old problems with the distribution of affordable products through a blend of new ideas and technology into what we see as stale industries; creating a little bit of lateral thinking," explains McDougall. "Having such diverse products means there was a need to develop excellent IT platforms, which have helped us merge products such as insurance, education and microlending over the past few years." In Namibia, Trustco are making waves into the social development of insurance and education, in order to try and find an inclusive financial sector which affords the ability for