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Stefanutti Stocks Botswana

Fairscape Precinct to open doors in 2014 Africa Outlook talks to Tim Stow, GM of Stefanutti Stocks Botswana, the main contractor on Botswana's groundbreaking Fairscape project. Writer Ian Armitage Project manager Stuart Shirra South African construction giant Stefanutti Stocks is seeking to grow its activities outside of its home market due to inadequate growth opportunities, CEO Willie Meyburgh recently told reporters. He said there was "no option". "There are not many large projects on the market. Those projects just aren't around anymore. That is why we are looking at opportunities outside our country. We have no option," he said. The Stefanutti Stocks Group is one of South Africa's leading listed construction groups and has the capability to deliver a range of projects of any scale to a multitude of clients in diverse markets. It operates across all provinces of South Africa and has established a presence in Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. "Stefanutti Stocks is one of Botswana's leading building contractors and we have completed a number of very large government contracts," says Tim Stow, GM. "We're a strong proponent of the PPP procurement route and we have extensive experience, undertaking a variety of projects for both private and public sector clients in Botswana. For example, we completed the remote Maun Hospital and we have completed numerous retail and leisure facilities." The firm is currently busy working on Botswana Development Corporation's (BDC) Fairscape Precinct project, a multi-million Pula property development in Gaborone's fairgrounds area, which is expected to add an alternative

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Broll Namibia

Maximising your property's potential Broll Namibia is a leading and independent property services company in Namibia which was founded in 2003. It aims to maximise "your property's potential". Managing Director Marco Wenk talks to Africa Outlook. Writer Ian Armitage Project manager James Mitchell Broll Namibia is a strategic partnership between South African property group Broll and the Ohlthaver & List Group of Companies (O&L Group), a diversified Namibian group of companies which lists its property portfolio as among its top revenue contributors. Both have representation on the board of directors but management is entirely Namibian based and the firm manages a property portfolio in excess of N$1 billion. This includes some of the most prestigious buildings and shopping centres in the country and its capital Windhoek. According to Managing Director Marco Wenk, the firm has earned a reputation for delivering "quality, effectiveness and value". He describes the relationship between O&L and Broll as a "strategic partnership". "We have built up an extensive database of properties and related information, enabling us to give unique insight into the Namibian property market and thus providing our clients with valuable market information to assist in making property-related and investment decisions," Wenk, who helped to set up, bed down and then expand the Namibian operation, explains. "Broll Namibia comprises a highly focused team of property professionals with the skills to provide industry-leading service levels." Property services group Broll is heavily invested in Africa. It was one of the first South African property businesses to look to the continent to "maintain its

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Broll Ghana

Q&A: Broll Ghana Maximising property potential: Africa Outlook talks to Kofi Ampong, CEO of Broll Ghana - the winner of the 2012 Ghana Property Award for Best Facilities Management Company Writer Ian Armitage Project manager James Mitchell Broll Ghana is one of Ghana's pre-eminent property services companies operating in the country's residential, retail, commercial and industrial property sectors. Established in May 2006, it has quickly entrenched itself in a market that is fast-growing thanks to renewed interest in Africa, rising incomes, and the fact that, in 2010, the West African nation began to pump commercial oil. Broll Ghana offers the "full spectrum of property-related services" including commercial broking, property valuations, retail leasing and consulting, corporate real estate services, facilities management, property management, shopping centre management, project management and residential estate management. As well as close ties with other Broll companies in South Africa, Nigeria, Malawi and Namibia, the Ghanaian operation enjoys affiliate status with CBRE, the world's largest property services company, bringing representation to more than 80 countries and 438 offices around the world. Mr Kofi Ampong, the firm's CEO tells us more… Hi Kofi, great to talk with you. Let's start at the beginning. Why set up the Ghana office? What was the thinking there? Broll was seeking African expansion and Broll Ghana was set up with the objective to provide property and facilities management services with the view of maximising the property potential of our clients through quality delivery, effectiveness, value and the provision of unique cost-effective solutions. By dint of hard work, we

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RO-AL Construction

Telecom boom leaves RO-AL purring Mobile telecoms in Africa: Africa Outlook talks to Willie Pretorius, Director of Operations at Ro-Al Construction, one of the leading players for mobile telecommunications infrastructure construction and maintenance work in South Africa. Writer Ian Armitage Project manager James Mitchell The upsurge in Sub-Saharan African mobile telecommunications has seen South Africa based RO-AL Construction grow tenfold in a decade. The firm, founded in 1991, began life working on medium-sized industrial, commercial, retail and institutional projects within the Johannesburg area. In 1995 it extended its operations to mobile telecommunication infrastructure development and maintenance and soon after completed its first project with mobile telecommunications operator Vodacom. RO-AL never really looked back and in the years since has refocused its attentions to the growing infrastructure for mobile phone networks, seeking ISO9001, ISO8001 and ISO14001 accreditation, and becoming one of the leading players for mobile telecommunications infrastructure construction and maintenance work in South Africa. Vodacom is still a client. "It started with Vodacom in Johannesburg and when they expanded we expanded with them. Today we have national coverage, with offices and resources strategically placed throughout the country," says Willie Pretorius, Director of Operations at Ro-Al Construction. Ro-Al Construction still has a fantastic relationship with Vodacom and services its GSM network. "Initially our relationship with them was predominantly around infrastructure maintenance but we've diversified to such a point where we can take care of about 80 percent of the various disciplines in that environment nowadays. We cover a lot more than before and we believe in servicing

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