Shreeji Enterprises Kenya : Realising a Vision

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

The 25th anniversary of Shreeji Enterprises commemorates a continuous commitment to logistics innovation and corporate social responsibility.


Shreeji Enterprises (Kenya) Ltd has, over the past 25 years, affirmed itself as one of East Africa’s largest and widest reaching logistics operators. And as it celebrates this significant milestone, attentions are turning to the next quarter of a century as the business looks to achieve both internal and external growth.

Based out of Nairobi and Mombasa and comprising more than 600 trucks and 1,000 people, the sheer size of Shreeji is enough evidence of the Company’s market prevalence. Add to this the Company’s insatiable desire to continuously improve and it comes as no surprise to hear that the business has grown year-on-year, every year, for the past decade.

Off the back of concerted continuous improvement, attentions can now turn to optimising internal processes through investments into ERP systems, and external development courtesy of a brand new technologically advanced, fully automated warehouse; combining to help realise the vision set out by Shreeji back in 1993.

“Shreeji Enterprises (Kenya) LTD, one of the largest logistics companies in the East African region provides safe and reliable long and short haulage, bulk and bagged warehousing, clearing and forwarding, bulk cargo handling, and air cargo services for general and specialised cargo to a diverse range of industry segments like steel, cement, food and many more,” the Company says. “In addition to the logistics footprint, Shreeji Enterprises also stocks a large variety of building materials for wholesale trading in the East and Central African market.

“Building one of the best logistics companies within the region was the dream of our family three decades ago and with all the hard work, unity, positive approach and with the great support of our customers, we have achieved the vision of the family.”

This vision comprises the provision of transportation services, alongside warehousing and logistics offerings in conjunction with controlled equipment and an extensive ground handling proposition.

The Company continues: “With our industry expertise, innovative technology and a modern approach to real world cargo transportation and logistics, our customers are assured that their cargo is in safe hands.”


Ultimately accounting for transportation across East Africa for both general and specialised cargo; clearing and forwarding; air freight solutions on a global scale; and warehousing virtue of Shreeji’s state-of-the-art facilities, the business’s turnkey status is facilitating unrivalled expansion and diversification across the board.

The Company details on its website: “Shreeji enterprises provides long transportation services in the east african market for both general cargo and specialised cargo. Shreeji emphasises on maintaining a clear understanding of their customers’ needs and requirements and has built a platform on which it operates its efficient and reliable transportation services where its customers know their cargo is handled by a proficient and well-organised service provider.

“Many have attempted our approach, but none have achieved the success we have accomplished in increasing our original asset-based organisation and accurate understanding of the needs and requirements in this industry across the East African region.”

Shreeji’s company-owned vehicles are fitted with the latest GPS tracking systems and advanced technologies to further improve the overall proposition, and the continuous improvement certainly doesn’t stop there.

The Company adds: “We are currently serving most of the steel mills in Kenya hauling their cargo directly from the ship with our uniquely structured direct loading service, to their respective warehouses. We also serve the grains industries directly from their bulk storage warehouses at the coastal region into the capital city, Nairobi and across the country.

“Our haulage solutions synergise together with our direct loading services to provide a uniquely combined solution to our customers who import their cargo from various other countries.”


Above all else though, Shreeji’s overriding value and principle is to retain utmost levels of health & safety, protecting both employees and wider society through its security measures, CSR initiatives and environmental obligations.

“Our entire organisational culture has been developed around the safety aspect,” the Company affirms. “Every effort is made by our staff to make sure that all our operations are carried out in a way that ensures the safety of all, be it in the transportation sector or in the hardware trading sector, which is why you may find that all our shipments will get to you on time without any issues all the time. All our employees are held by the same strong standard which has kept us safe and in the industry for more than 23 years.

“We were awarded the safest transporter by Kenya Ports Authority in 2012 which shows Shreeji maintains high standards of safety to ensure the safety of its employees and the wider society.”

From a CSR perspective, there is a two-pronged attack, initiating with a focus on its environmental impacts. Reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere, the business has also installed a wastewater treatment plant to ensure that no hazardous waste is disposed of into the public environment; as a safeguard to the local communities and wider society.

Meanwhile, from a sustainability perspective, “Shreeji Enterprises has helped create a good number of jobs for the people of Kenya”, the business states. “Through its training programmes, Shreeji ensures a high employee morale and an improved working culture.

“Shreeji’s ethical operating cultures ensure that Shreeji does not use its power to create an unfair trading environment and makes sure it creates a fair market place for all.”

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