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Editorial Team

Thika Greens is creating a new wave of residential living, complete with a three-phase vision to expand its services and achieve the perfect golfing retreat.


Driven by the aspirations of creating wholesome lifestyles, Thika Greens is a premier property investment entity aiming to develop residential communities that ensure high quality at all times. 

This has been achieved through the innovative use of the regions available resources, while guaranteeing a high return on the investments made in the Company.

“It has always been a pivotal part of Thika Greens’ vision for the future to achieve excellent premier property investments, while also providing clients with luxurious homes that are well within their reach,” explains the Company on its website. “We have always partnered with the best, most prestigious and also reliable contractors that allow us to provide our clients with exceptional value for money when it comes to their investment.”

The Company is currently working to develop its three uniquely controlled, gated communities to ensure a high quality lifestyle and that every Thika Greens client enjoys the perfect home through our excellent service.


The first phase for the Company is a middle class secure-serviced home estate which comprises 960 residential plots, well underway with the infrastructure including water, sewers, electricity and achieved to a high standard. 

Earmarked for this first stage of development has been a home estate named Waterfalls Country Homes, an area in which Thika’s residential plots were offered to the public at an affordable price. This has inevitably lead to great success for the Company with its houses in this first phase quickly selling out.

“At present our first phase has 88 completed residential homes and 53 houses under construction, with a 19th hole restaurant already open to the public,” continues the Company. “Our second phase is the projects flagship development, the Thika Greens Golf Estate, which will provide approximate 800 residential services plots in a beautiful landscaped environment.

“The central feature of this development will be a resplendent 18-hole championship golf course, which we believe will really set us apart in the market.”

At present this part of the development is home to 11 residents with easy access to a 19th hole restaurant, open to both the residents and public. Alongside the housing and golfing facilities, this phase will play host to the other major parts of the development, including a retirement village, shopping mall and business park.

“Our third phase is expected to deliver approximately 1,500 homes, again set within a beautifully landscaped setting,” adds the Company. “We hope that similarly to the other phases, this will bring out the natural features included within the property and this will lead to a secure and tranquil community lifestyle estate.

“I would say that this segment of our developments is targeted at the upper-middle income homeowners, together with a selection of retirement homes and apartments that we hope to build in the future.”


Thika Greens utilises top-class specialists all over the world, including DDV Design Group Golf who were responsible for the design and creation of the Company’s course.

“Our current course with its multiple tees per hole will challenge even the most seasoned golfer, while also providing new golfers with an especially enjoyable course to learn on,” affirms the Company. “We have been always been conscious on our courses that the fairways are spread throughout the lower points of each estate, ensuring that the views from all aspects remain spectacular.”

The Company excels in maximising the land it has to work with, with its golf villas providing a perfect example. Set out on the sloping greens, the villas are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the perfect golfing holiday with guaranteed sunshine.

“We have built our villas with fun and relaxation in mind, while also providing guests with a great golfing experience,” continues the Company. “We don’t want our guests to have to limit themselves in any way while enjoying our offerings.”


Alongside its housing and villas, guests can also enjoy the Thika Greens sporting facility which comprises a selection of outdoor and indoor sport possibilities. There is something for everyone with the option to enjoy a game of basketball, play a round of tennis, then soak away a long day on the course in a relaxing steam bath.

The Company states: “The indoor facilities also include squash courts and a multipurpose hall, with the grounds surrounding the centre also available for weddings and functions in the perfect picturesque setting. Our centre is open to all residents and provides a great hub of activity, as well as a firm family favourite amongst guests.”

Surrounding this central point within the Thika Greens village will eventually be 100 one and two-bedroom cottages, located close to the commercial zone where all amenities are easily within reach. The minimum age for residents within the village will be 55, with each unit allowing two adults or less. Baring the age range of its clients in mind, the Company is also creating a hospital to be located within the estate.

“It is noticeable that every year, Kenya is sending out many of its affluent patients to higher-income countries due to the quality medical services available,” continues the Company. “We know there is room to establish other high-end hospitals, working with highly trained and specialist physicians that are equipped with state of the art instruments and medical equipment. This will provide our clients with premier care that is internationally accredited.”

Of course no estate would be complete without a shopping complex and Thika Greens is really delivering on even the toughest of shopping requirements.

“Our facilities will include a supermarket, banking hall, wide variety of shops, kids play area, a food court as well as the potential of an amusement park in the future,” concludes the Company. “We are extremely excited to watch our estate develop and enrich the lives of our clients in the process.”

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