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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Fedha (Management) Ltd brings a fresh and innovative approach to its real estate management services, exceeding expectations of every client through its outstanding service offering.


The Fedha Group has a proud history in Kenya that spans more than 50 years and numerous areas of the construction industry, delivering on developments that speak to both current and future needs of its customers.

Over the years it has successfully built a reputation for not only consistently delivering on what is promised, but also exceeding the expectations imposed on the Company by its customers.

“We are renowned in the industry for consistently delivering value to our customers, both for the consumer of our developments and the users of our management capabilities,” explains Abraham Munene, Executive Director at Fedha (Management) Ltd. “Our properties have withstood the test of time and we are proud to say that they remain truly iconic structures across the skyline of Nairobi.”

Fedha (Management) Ltd, the management arm of the Fedha Group has been in business since 1985; the Company was formed with the intention of managing real estate projects EABS – at that point in time the largest building society in Kenya – which included Fedha Estate, Akiba Estates and Parkview Estates. Over the years the Company has also managed commercial developments such as Ecobank Towers – formally known as Fedha Towers – Fedha Plaza and Valley Arcade Shopping Centre.

“Last year we successfully completed the management of an Executive Residency by Best Western, the first of this brand in the world and the second internationally branded aparthotel in sub-Saharan Africa,” continues Munene. “Our Company has also been involved in the project management of ultra-modern mixed-use residential developments such as Capital M Apartments.”


A combination of numerous successful project completions and quick response to market demands, has led the Company to expand its facilities and contract management. With a fully equipped technical department that that has the ability to handle six commercial buildings, two shopping centres, a hotel and five residential properties, the Company is perfectly equipped for all current industry needs.

“Excitingly we also have a property management arm that manages the same portfolio of assets under facility management,” adds Munene. “These assets include the billing, collections and accounting of service charges of all the properties under its management.”

Again, moving with the times and changing market demands, Fedha has ventured into development management, aiming to provide real estate developers with guidance on the post construction process.


The Company is a firm believer that professionalism is the most important determinant of success for Fedha, its customers and its partners on the whole.

“This forms the basis of our cooperation philosophy that runs through every aspect of business,” affirms Munene. “Our employees are an integral part of the business and with that we devote all of our efforts to continuously improving ourselves and providing them with positive incentives.

“An African elder once said ‘I am because we are, and because we are, then I am’, we follow this and many other such principles.”

The Company’s entire business model is based upon honesty, a common and undeniable value of its business and the aim that the Fedha Group strives to achieve.

Munene adds: “We strive for the highest moral and ethical principles in all undertakings together with honesty, which is underlying in all communications by our employees to customers and partners.”

Over the years, Fedha has always remembered that its customers and partners are the principle eyes through which its activities and standards are measured; it is this that makes customer and partner orientation its guiding principle, with all efforts targeted towards not only meeting customer needs but also exceeding expectations and understanding that decisions need to be decisive.


The Company has experienced numerous successes over the years in its projects; a prime example would be Fedha Plaza which is located in the Westlands area of Nairobi – an upcoming business district – which was completed seven years ago, including a commercial building comprising of ground floor retail space and 10 floors of commercial office space.

“We wanted to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere at the Fedha Plaza,” continues Munene. “A particularly successful aspect was the double glazed curtain wall that significantly reduces noise pollution – by 80 percent – which was incredibly important when taking into consideration the busy location of the Plaza.

“The curtain walling is multipurpose, keeping the temperature of the building considerably cooler in comparison to the surrounding areas.”

The building also utilised smart technology, with customised access control that restricts entry to designated floors of the building. In order for this to work the tenants need access to the CCTV systems within the building and can choose who has the ability to enter their building.

Alongside these slightly more advanced technologies, there is also readily available free Wi-Fi for all customers within the building; this ensures that visitors have access to their gadgets at all times, subsequently reducing waiting time when they’re in the building.

Munene describes: “At the time it was commissioned, Fedha Plaza was the only one of its kind in Nairobi, achieved through the hard work between the consultants and contractors. We hope that our next iconic development will be Capital M and the first residential LEED certified building in Eastern Africa.”


The Company continuously invests in modern technologies that will inevitably enable its customers to engage with Fedha on a real time basis, keeping operations incredibly smooth and reducing the lag times between responses.

“We achieve this through web and mobile based applications, ensuring that facilities are being used to their optimal capacity,” explains Munene. “Fedha has partnered with various local companies in order to provide us with technologies that enable us to monitor, troubleshoot and respond to problems.

“We are able to carry out preventative management efficiency through the use of technology, with all of our internal processes geared towards a first-time strategy.”

With exciting advancements in technologies such as these, the development side of the business is progressing rapidly, continuously seeking partnerships both locally and internationally with businesses that have capabilities and competencies that provide a unique value proposition and delivery of bespoke developments to meet current and future customer needs.

“Looking to the future, we aim to have redefined the real estate space in Nairobi with our Capital M project, not only setting the trend, but also continuing to solidify our position as the most trusted real estate partners,” concludes Munene. “Our aim for the Company as a business operating in the country is to continue to endeavour to contribute to the building of a better and stronger Kenya.”

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