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Editorial TeamEddie Clinton
Editorial Team Eddie Clinton - Senior Head of Projects

Laxmanbhai Construction continues to contribute to East Africa’s growing demand for buildings, operating with its trademark commitment to excellence, quality, innovation, sustainability and safety.


The outlook for East Africa’s construction industry is a promising one.   

In January this year, consultancy giant Deloitte released its African Construction Trends (2018) report, a study which contained many eye-catching headline statistics.   

Top of this list of figures was that the total number of projects in East Africa has risen by 96 percent in the space of a year between 2017 and 2018, the combined value of such schemes also increasing by a massive 167 percent.   

Around 84 percent of current projects are owned by state governments, although foreign investors, especially those from China, are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to funding, particularly for large infrastructure developments.   

Deloitte’s research also found that Kenya was the region’s top performing country last year.

The nation currently has the largest number of high-value projects which represent a sum of $38 billion, a large proportion of East Africa’s $87.1 billion total, which alone accounts for 18.5 percent of the value of construction activity on the entire continent.   

Large transport projects such as the Nairobi-Mombasa rail line are playing a key role in this developing picture, which is helping companies of all shapes and sizes to thrive.    


Laxmanbhai Construction is among those businesses flourishing in this lively industry.   

Drawing on more than six decades’ experience of the construction, financing and development of major projects in Kenya, the company is part of the Laxmanbhai Group of Companies which also has a strong presence in India and the UK.   

Indeed, the firm can be accountable for the entire lifecycle of a development, managing and owning many of its property assets.   

“Wherever we work, our clients, consultants value our trademark commitment to excellence, quality, innovation, sustainability and safety,” the company states. “We capitalise our full range of expertise and collaborate with both clients and their investors to deliver successful projects that consistently set new benchmarks in the construction industry.”  

This is proven by a track record which has seen Laxmanbhai Construction complete prestigious projects for the likes of Hilton, i&M Bank and Dusit Hotels & Resorts, among many others, covering sectors such as commercial, residential, health, retail, tourism and leisure, education, government and industrial.  

The company’s project teams are able to impart significant knowledge on the latest construction trends through in-depth reporting and exploration, advising clients on the local and global situations which will help assist them in terms of controlling costs, managing risk and maximising value.   


This approach is underpinned by a series of unwavering commitments relating to quality, health and safety and the environment.   

“Superior quality has always been at the heart of Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd. which has set us apart since day one within the Kenyan market,” the firm states. “Today, that culture has not changed.”  

Ever striving to boost its standards to internationally-recognised levels, the firm is determined to exceed client expectations on every project, all the while adhering to extremely stringent health and safety standards.   

Such standards apply to work on both project sites and back offices, Laxmanbhai committed to creating an injury-free, safe working environment for not only its employees, but also clients, suppliers, subcontractors and other construction partners.   

The third commitment revolves around sustainability and the environment.   

“We believe that the protection of the environment is an important element of our corporate culture and that no process is so important that we cannot find a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly and sound way of achieving it,” the company states on its website.   

It does this by taking steps to decrease the impact of projects on the environment and surrounding community, another key component of Laxmanbhai’s modus operandi.   

The company makes particular efforts to conduct thorough and thoughtful planning of developments, making sure the neighbourhoods it operates in are safe. “Giving back to the communities in which we work has been a long-standing tradition with Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd for the past 65 years,” it declares.   

This responsible, committed approach to construction in Kenya will stand the firm in good stead moving through the rest of 2019 and beyond as it seeks to fulfil its stated mission.   

It reads: “The mission of Laxmanbhai Construction Ltd. is to continue serving our clients and our community with an honest, reliable performance and a customer-first attitude. We are dedicated to the essential integrity of each job and to continue improving a full-service of quality construction since 1953.”

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By Eddie Clinton Senior Head of Projects