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Latest Mining Corporate Stories

Enaex Africa : Humanising Mining

Enaex Africa stands as a South African company and subsidiary of the global explosives supplier, Enaex group. CEO Francisco Baudrand lifts the lid on a unique company culture and a tele-operated future.

Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

Chambre des Mines du Burkina (CMB) : Spotlight

We take a deep dive into the untapped potential of Burkina Faso’s mining sector and the critical need for the formalisation of artisanal mining.

Phoebe Harper Deane Anderton By Phoebe Harper Deane Anderton

Zambia Chamber of Mines (ZCM) : Spotlight

As Africa’s second largest producer of copper, mining is a staple of the Zambian economy. We examine an industry on the cusp of prosperity in the face of worldwide copper demand.

Phoebe Harper Alfie Wilson By Phoebe Harper Alfie Wilson

Pentalin Group : At the Coalface

Providing consistent and reliable coal processing solutions across South Africa and BotswanaIn the fraught context of South African coal mining, Pentalin Group is a leading solutions provider to the industry. We discuss its commitment to operational excellence and the industry’s need for change with CEO, Jaco Scholtz.

Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

Moolmans : Premier Mining

As Africa’s premier contract miner, Moolmans has supported the mining industry with specialised services for over 60 years. We explore the company’s customer centric culture with Managing Director, Jerome Govender.

Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

The Mining Industry in 2022 : What’s in Store?

Boris Ivanov, founder of Emiral Resources Ltd – a global mining group that focuses on exploration and the production of Earth’s mineral resources, makes predictions for the mining industry in 2022.

Guest Author By Guest Author

Reaching Net Zero in Mining

Kweku Frempong, Area General Manager for West and Central Africa at Aggreko, explores virtual pipelines as the bridge to net zero for the mining sector

Guest Author By Guest Author

Lucara Botswana : Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

As the first female and first Motswana woman to run an African diamond mine, we discuss tunnelling a path for women in mining with Managing Director of Lucara Botswana, Naseem Lahri.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Mopani Copper Mines : Placing Prosperity in Zambian Hands

The Executive Team at Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) discuss a copper-fuelled future for Zambia and their ambitious mission of ‘Making Mopani Great Again’.

Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions: Digital Mining Evolution

We speak to Dr. Wilfred Barkhuizen, CEO of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Middle East & Africa, about the companys delivery of industry plants and systems across countries, and its expanding digitalisation in the field.

Marcus Kaapa Joshua Mann By Marcus Kaapa Joshua Mann