Issue 61

Tradewinds Aviation Services : Flying High

Despite soaring above its competitors, Tradewinds Aviation Services is very much keeping its feet on the ground in the search for continuous improvement and client satisfaction.

Harlequin International Ghana Limited : Setting the Benchmark

Harlequin International (Ghana) Limited provides a market- focused, process-centred service, developing and delivering exceptional engineering solutions to customers through its flagship facilities.

Unity Homes : A Safe and Modern Community

Unity Homes is building exclusive communities in Kenya, looking to take its mission for the creation of safe and secure homes further afield in the near future.

Xaris Developments : Nimble Infrastructure

The expertise of Xaris Developments across areas of project development in power plant and energy infrastructure is mirrored by its ability to drive such services in challenging environments.

Cresta Shopping Centre : Growing People, Growing Places

The expansion and renovation plans of Cresta Shopping Centre remain in-keeping with an overriding mission to enrich the Johannesburg community and to create an unrivalled shopping experience.

Buffalo Coal : Quality Coal

Buffalo Coal has strengthened its operations in South Africa, working closely with the local community and providing quality services.

Gecko Namibia : A Vision for A New Namibia

Gecko Namibia is balancing its privately owned wholly Namibian status with a focus on internationally-lucrative joint ventures in order to become a fully-fledged mining house on the continent.

Somika S.P.R.L : Harmonious Mining

The dedication of Somika S.P.R.L to continuous improvement is helping to realise a better tomorrow, both for the company and for the wider DRC economy 

Mincon West Africa : The Driller’s Choice

Mincon West Africa has built a reputation upon years of first-hand industry knowledge, creating an excellent opportunity to expand its operations in the future.

LC Packaging : Sustainable Vision

In its 95th year, LC Packaging continues to demonstrate the innovation and drive that has cemented it as the industry leader we see today.

Bonitas Medical Fund : Healthcare to live your Best Life

Bonitas Medical Fund is demonstrating its stability in a difficult market, providing a range of plans and joining forces with other market leaders in pursuit of the best possible service and benefits for its members.