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Turbo (Pty) Ltd

Parts Sales Botswana’s relationship with some of the biggest names in global construction is set to leverage a move into mining domains in the years to come

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Schneider Electric : Access to Energy for Everyone

Schneider Electric’s influence across the SADC region has successfully infiltrated numerous industrial and energy domains over the years, but its more recent data centre efforts emphasise a more innovative facet of its operations

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African Energy Resources

Addressing a pressing need in Southern Africa at present, African Energy Resources’ entrepreneurial flair and partner network is generating a long-term legacy on the continent

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Zimnat Life Assurance Company Limited

Zimnat has firmly established itself as the ‘one-stop shop’ provider in Zimbabwe for life assurance

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Kore Potash Limited

Kore Potash Limited is gaining global recognition as its mining project in the Republic of Congo is being developed towards lucrative production

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Tshikululu : Social Investment Solutions for the Greater Good

Tshikululu Social Investments is striving to achieve sustainable social change in South Africa

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Byrnecut Offshore : The Safest Future in International Contract Mining

Byrnecut Offshore is leveraging its international recognition in Africa as an underground mining contractor that offers its clients both a unique range of services and a wide range of experience

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United Petroleum

Establishing itself firmly in the African oil industry, United Petroleum is paving the way for clean products

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Old Mutual Zimbabwe

Old Mutual Zimbabwe is leading the discussion around the country’s insurance solutions, unit trusts and responsible business evolution

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Strauss Logistics

Strauss Logistics is taking Zimbabwe’s economic troubles in its stride, remaining a strong industry leader in fuel distribution

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