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Metorex is consolidating its position as a mid-tier mining Group in Southern Africa through a concerted balance between present day innovation, and future sustainability.

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Base Metal Mining at its Best Metorex’s growth strategy is being realised through the construction and development of the Kinsenda Project and the future development of the Musonoi and Lubembe deposits in the DRC Writer: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Arron Rampling Metorex is a well established and respected mid-tier mining Group, uniquely positioned in the southern Africa base metals mining industry as a pure copper and cobalt investment.As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jinchuan Group since January 2012, Metorex has expanded its presence in Africa’s base metal mining industry over the past three years. This Chinese state-owned mining company based in the Gansu province of China produces a wide variety of metals including cobalt and copper.With a mission to grow a sustainable African-focussed mining company that offers opportunity for the development of both employees and communities, Metorex works hard to reach shareholder expectations and is actively contributing to the development of the continent.As present, the subsidiary is working to optimise its existing mines in order to ensure that when a new mining opportunity arises, Metorex is more than ready to lend a hand. Through the appropriate application of capital and technologies, the company is able to supply a quality base metal to the agreed specifications, while running a zero harm health and safety policy.Akin to this is Metorex’s new human capital brand, which functions to educate employees in the ways the company conducts its business, including abiding by the laws of each company they operate in and providing staff with the key skills required in doing so. The idea is

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