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M&D Construction : Khula Nathi

The construction industry in South Africa faces numerous challenges. Rukesh Raghubir, CEO of M&D Construction, describes the solutions found in laying the foundations for change.

Ed Budds Eddie Clinton By Ed Budds Eddie Clinton

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Rising High South Africa’s M&D Construction is swimming against the tide, surpassing the R1 billion revenue mark and setting new heights for multi-storey social housing projects  Writer: Tom Wadlow  Project Manager: Eddie Clinton  It is an extremely challenging period for the South African construction industry as is evidenced by the number of contractors that have already gone into business rescue.  “M&D has managed to buck the trend and we have been focused on growing our company in a shrinking market and tough economic conditions. In order to do this, we had to use one eye as a telescope, so we could look into the future and align our strategy to our environment, whilst using the other eye as a microscope, to ensure the daily operational issues were being managed well.”  For Rukesh Raghubir, CEO of M&D Construction, the need to differentiate and innovate has never been more important. A construction sector that is recovering from recession and facing very low growth again this year, companies have been forced to revaluate the way they do things in a bid to become more efficient.  “Constantly identifying areas for improvement and adapting and thriving through change – these are both fundamental pillars of M&D Construction Group’s rapid growth and diversification,” Raghubir continues.  “We have survived these political shocks by having a resilient management team, sufficient cash reserves to weather tumultuous episodes, and always focusing on servicing clients to the best of our ability, guided by our core values.” M&D is well-versed in dealing with market fluctuations. Established in 1982 with only a few

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