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Leading by ExampleWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Donovan Smith The Access Bank Group of Companies is notorious for its ambitious vision: to be the world’s most respected African bank. With financial services across west, central and east Africa and the United Kingdom, the Group has seen its assets increase by almost 50 percent since 2010, from US$6.58 billion to more than US$9.2 billion in 2015, and is continuing to expand at a rapid rate.With operations in Nigeria commencing 28 years ago, it is clear that Access Bank’s presence on the continent has been welcomed. The Bank has answered a call for financial inclusion in Africa by responding with approximately 366 branches across major cities and commercial centres in Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, DRC and Zambia; and this number continues to rise along with the prospect of new countries to add to its portfolio.“Access Bank has built its strength and success in corporate banking and is now taking its expertise and applying it to the personal and business banking platform. We constantly invest in new technologies and examine ways to grow our business to take it to new heights and continue with our impressive growth rates,” explained the Company.As the youngest of its subsidiaries in Africa, Access Bank Zambia has now been in operation for six years and continues to lead by example in the country, setting the standard and challenging the status quo in order to create real value, in a sustainable and profitable manner, for its customers. “To ensure that this objective is kept in sight,

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Treating the Customer as King Access Bank Ghana continues to bring the latest in financial services to as many people in Ghana as possible, via its extensive footprint expansion and digital diversification Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Donovan Smith Access Bank Ghana was named Bank of the Year in the country, in 2013, in what industry watchers called a meteoric rise to the top of the sector. The Bank now looks to grow through its commitment to customer service, investments in innovative technology and a policy of sustainable banking practices.Launched in 2009 as a full service commercial bank licensed by the Bank of Ghana to offer universal banking services, Access Bank recorded a profit in its maiden year; a first for a new generation bank in the country.Since then, the institution has grown from strength to strength, adapting to regional and international finance trends and insuring it keeps ahead of the curve in providing the most extensive and fulfilling range of services possible.“Since 2009, Access Bank has maintained an upward growth trajectory across key financial indicators to give value and returns to all its stakeholders,” says the company’s Managing Director, Dolapo Ogundimu. “Access Bank’s growth during the first three years of operations was largely organic. The Bank expanded its reach to four locations in Accra and a first foray in Kumasi, the capital city of the Ashanti Region, bringing its total network to five branches. “Given its strategic intent to become a market leader, the Bank was always looking for opportunities for growth.”This opportunity came in the form of a takeover

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