Huhtamaki South Africa : Responding to Packaging Trends

Tom CullumEditorial Team
Tom Cullum - Regional Director Editorial Team

Global packaging leader, Huhtamaki Group is growing its presence in the world’s fastest developing regions, beginning with Africa.

With more than a century of experience in the design and manufacture of moulded fibre packing solutions, Huhtamaki Group has responded to shifting market trends and now has the capacity to offer fully customised solutions in protective moulded fibre packaging. “We offer egg cartons, fruit trays, wine carriers, cup carriers and protective buffers for consumer electronics and other products,” stated the Company.

Huhtamaki today manufactures in six continents, operating around the globe and continuing to form important partnerships and to make acquisitions “where it counts for customers”.  As well as growing organically, currently, the company is growing its presence in some of the world’s fastest-growing regions including Africa and the Middle East.

“This is so that we are well placed to serve both global and local customers – wherever you [the customer] see your next opportunity,” said the Company.


As global megatrends such as rapid urbanisation and demographic changes drive growth in Africa, Huhtamaki Group believes that by responding to these trends and growing the business in line with them will enable the company to reach a larger audience.

The Company added:  “In the 1970s we started to expand our presence and technical capabilities outside Finland and we haven’t stopped since. Simply put, we’ve expanded with our customers, as their consumer markets have grown.

“It’s why we define our purpose as being able to help great products reach more people, more easily…So we can support you, through packaging, to open up opportunities in new markets and sectors.”

In support of this is the combination of an experienced team on both a global and local level and Huhtamaki is very much invested in supporting the global manufacturing industry in order to encourage long-term growth. By demonstrating the capabilities to satisfy and adapt to increased demand for food and drink goods, the company is committed to understanding customer needs through an open communication policy. Moreover, sustainability and renewable resources remain a hot topic within the guiding principles of its supply and production chains.

Huhtamaki has conducted business in South Africa since 1955, where it operates from two sites which collectively employ 170 people. “We have been at the forefront of egg packing innovation in South Africa for more than six decades, and are proud to have been awarded BRC and SANS 10330:2007 HACCP accreditations,” explained the Company.

As the global market leader in sustainably produced moulded fibre, or pulp packaging, Huhtamaki South Africa is able to create solutions that are tailored for individual client packaging processes, distribution requirements and marketing goals. The Company commented: “In all our food packaging solutions, we maintain the highest possible protection factor and maximise its sustainability. We supplement these activities with the design and production of moulded fibre in every conceivable 3D shape for protection, buffering and product presentation.”

Under the Leotech® brand name, Huhtamaki South Africa is able to produce and supply a wide range of pulp moulding machinery, finishing equipment and process technology, designed for the production of egg cartons and other tray products. This further strengthens the Huhtamaki brand as one known all over the world as a pioneer and innovator when it comes to packaging solutions. “Our extensive network of expertise and high quality production, testing and control processes guarantee optimum performance under any working conditions,” confirmed the Company.

“Our Leotech® moulded fibre technology represents productivity, business assurance, rapid availability of parts and moulds, and a professional service.”

Leotech® machinery is also used on a daily basis in 38 different countries across the world to produce millions of items made from moulded fibre using renewable resources.


In line with its clear commitment to green enterprise, the Huhtamaki Group has set up its own recycling facilities, incorporating the latest environmental standards into its practices and the Company highlighted: “The Huhtamaki Paper Recycling arm of the business collects paper at a local level which receives a new lease of life in accordance with the laws of sustainability and renewable resources.

“We operate in conjunction with regional haulage partners in order to guarantee a seamless service via our large fleet of hook lorries and bins, offering a total recycling solution.

“In turn, we then use the recycled products as raw materials for our moulded fibre packaging products and sell various quality levels of paper as raw materials for other paper-processing industries around the world.”

By further ensuring that the geographic location of this service is as close to Huhtamaki’s moulded fibre mills as possible, the company is able to successfully limit its carbon footprint between collection and end use.

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