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Unichem Ghana is a subsidiary of Unichem Group which markets and distributes pharmaceutical products worldwide.


Unichem Ghana is a company with a vision and that vision is to provide healthcare for everyone. As a leading pharmaceutical firm with a globally recognised presence, Unichem is dedicated to serving Sub-Saharan Africa with the highest quality products to improve wellbeing, life expectantly and quality of life at prices that are widely affordable.

It is a goal that Unichem Ghana is meeting not by remaining static but by growing and changing constantly to maintain its position at the forefront of healthcare innovation and development. It takes into account people’s physical, emotional, social, vocational and even spiritual wellbeing to create a new definition of the phrase “healthy lifestyle”.

At the Ghanaian headquarters of the much larger Unichem Group, the firm has been responsible for the distribution and marketing of the highest quality ethical pharmaceutical specialities, including surgical products, hospital disposables and generics. Through Unichem, Ghanaian healthcare professionals have access to such leading global brands as 3M, LUEX, Pfizer, Sanofi Aventis, Wallace, and Walter Ritter, paving the way for safe and affordable healthcare across West Africa.

For over 50 years the firm has led pharmaceutical distribution in Ghana and the region, building capabilities and making efficient use of resources to set up Unichem Industries Ltd., a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant producing tables, capsules and dry powder that has become a benchmark for the rest of the African pharmaceutical market. Even now it is working on the Unichem Liquid Industry, broadening its product range even further. As the domestic market in Ghana continues to grow, Unichem has been working hard to grow alongside it, meeting both the local market and the wider sub region.


Unichem Ghana is a company whose every action is dedicated to a mission. It is working hard to deliver innovative medicines, mature products, over the counter medication, FMCG nutraceuticals and allied products to the market, exceeding customer expectations and upholding the core human values that are the bedrock of the healthcare industry.

However, Unichem is highly aware that it cannot achieve this on its own. The company has built strong interdependent relationships with its customers and business partners to create valuable synergy across the industry. Together, the Unichem Group and its partners have created a contingent that strives to bring the highest quality products and service to the market and Unichem has been quick to assimilate the best qualities of those they work with. Even the customers are not seen as being outside of the loop – Unichem Ghana considers them business partners every bit as much as the others it works with.

The customer, after all, is at the centre of every one of Unichem’s principals. Without a customer you can’t provide customer satisfaction.

But these partnerships aren’t only extended outside the company, for Unichem the word “TEAM” is an important part of their philosophy, particularly when broken down into the acronym “TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MO RE”. Using the Kaizen approach to continuous improvement, Unichem Ghana strives to create a conducive working environment where every member of staff is working to improve themselves and the company as a whole.


All of this is run with the continent that Unichem Ghana exists to serve – Africa – in mind and its rich resources and great people are at the heart of everything the company does.

Indeed, Unichem Ghana aims to reflect the friendly and peaceful nature that is often associated with Ghanaians in everything it does. And the company’s relationship with its country becomes crucial as Africa is growing in influence politically and economically on the world stage. With this in mind, Unichem has an extensive and detailed Corporate Social Responsibility policy. More than just a tacked on PR exercise, the firm believes it exists primarily for the betterment of the world.

Listed on its website in black and white, Unichem Ghana’s values include treating the Earth and all that dwell on it with respect, working together for the benefit of all mankind, giving assistance and kindness wherever it is needed, doing what they know is right, being truthful and honest at all times and taking full responsibility for their actions.

This thinking has led to Unichem’s “Values in Healthcare” initiative, in collaboration with the Janki Foundation. The project aims to reduce stress and put an emphasis on “self care” for medical professionals. The initiative features a number of educational modules that teach medical professionals ways to improve their own lifestyles, because when doctors are healthier, their patients benefit as well.

As well as working hard to encourage healthy living among the medical fraternity, Unichem Ghana also has wide ranging Corporate Social Responsibility and education schemes on the go. You’ll commonly see them at conferences arranged by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana, Ghana Medical Association, Society of Private Medical and Dental Practitioners, the Medical Assistants AGM GHANA, the Ophthalmological Society of Ghana, the Paediatric Society of Ghana, the Association of Midwives Ghana and the Pharmaceutical Technologist Association of Ghana, while sponsoring numerous medical events, groups and associations.

Unichem Ghana is also regularly conducting scientific seminars with the Ghana Health Service, as well as polyclinics and hospitals across West Africa. Driven by these values, Unichem is driving Ghana towards a happier and healthier future.

To learn more visit www.unichemghana.com.

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By Eddie Clinton Senior Head of Projects