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Editorial TeamJoshua Mann
Editorial Team Joshua Mann - Regional Director

KeyHealth Medical Scheme continues to excel within South Africa’s competitive private healthcare market, focusing on personalised offerings and quality care.


Medical schemes are on the up in South Africa, driven by a rising recognition of the premium services that private healthcare can offer.

Renowned for short wait times, state-of-the-art facilities and quality care, a reported 97.3 percent of households on private medical schemes are satisfied with the services that they receive, provided with greater peace of mind and a more comfortable, personalised healthcare experience.

However, with more than 270 options available across South Africa, choosing between such a vast number of different schemes with an even great range of packages can give consumers a headache.

With companies often outlining products using complex medical jargon, patients can be found frustrated in the realisation that they haven’t been adequately medically covered or that they have been paying over the odds for what they have requested.

This is where KeyHealth Medical Scheme truly thrives.

Priding itself on catering to the needs of its customers, KeyHealth centres its business around an effective ethos that ensures that its patients are put first in the aim of going beyond basic levels of satisfaction.


In pursuit of this, KeyHealth provides patients its in-house smart choice services, ensuring that their medical requirements are identified before anything else, then tailoring its packages to meet these demands on a case by case basis.

“Smart choice is first to understand why you need a medical scheme and then what is important to consider when evaluating the value proposition of different individual schemes,” the Company’s website reads. “This takes a few minutes of your time, but ensures that you make an informed, smart decision when choosing your medical scheme.”

With six different levels of private medical cover to choose between, ranging from the basic Essence plan to the firm’s premium Platinum membership, consumers are readily able to find the personalised healthcare solutions that they desire.

Alongside this extensive product personalisation, transparency is also fundamentally key to KeyHealth when working in such a personal environment.

By cooperating with its patients openly, the Company is able to ensure that no unexpected costs are incurred for its customers, whilst the highest levels of service are maintained.

“With transparency at its core, KeyHealth focuses on delivering products devoid of loyalty programmes, bonuses and frivolous add-ons – schemes stripped of misguided fringe benefits, so that what remains is pure medical aid,” the Company states on its website.

“What you see is what you get. Essentially, it is real value for money as opposed to perceived value for money. It’s Medical Aid without the extras and empty promises.”


This attitude is also reflected in KeyHealth’s offerings, placing significant emphasis on competitively differentiating its products to ensure that it goes above and beyond to provide care for its clientele.

“The truth is that many schemes are giving you many reasons to join them, but for the most part, these reasons are not even very compelling – they are generic and offered by the majority of schemes out there,” KeyHealth continues.

In avoiding this trend, the Company not only provides customers with access to KeyHealth’s renowned services, from Oncology to MRI and CT scans to other specialist consultation, but also offers free additional benefits – benefits that further highlight the Company’s esteemed practices.

One such benefit is the Health Booster programme, a service that offers customers with the chance to speak to consultants, such as in its free health assessment. Within this, KeyHealth’s practitioners will analyse a patient’s body mass index, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, determining how to improve their general health.

In doing so, patients are able to proactively improve their lifestyle with tailored weight loss and exercise programmes that are designed to prevent future medical problems.

Further, KeyHealth’s free Easy-ER package is a first of its kind offering, in place to protect customers from incurring any unnecessary or unexpected expenses when they receive emergency treatment.

Expanded from servicing just children to all customers in 2016, Easy-ER ensures that KeyHealth patients are provided with priority access to a hospital’s emergency room where possible without any hassle or unexpected fees, as these are covered by the Company itself.

From car accidents to sporting injuries to sudden illnesses, customers of KeyHealth are able to rest assured that they will receive emergency treatment without any financial worry as part of the Company’s membership schemes.

Combined with the firm’s free Smart Baby programme that supports new families with leading maternity care, advice and guidance, alongside its app, live chat and web chat, KeyHealth upholds its customer-first philosophy in a multitude of different ways.

Reaching its 10th anniversary in 2018, the stage is set for KeyHealth to continue to excel as a simple, authentic and smart South African medical scheme.

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