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Healthbridge : Transforming Private Practice

A major force in healthcare solutions, Healthbridge fulfils South Africa’s technology development requirements. We delve into vaccine distribution and transforming the industry with CEO, Luis da Silva.

Ed Budds Callam Waller By Ed Budds Callam Waller

East African Power : Transformational Energy

Driving an enhanced future for African energy, East African Power is transforming communities and economies through its provision of hydro and solar power plants, alongside impactful social development. CEO, Dan Klinck, tells us more.

Ed Budds Jordan Levey By Ed Budds Jordan Levey

ChromTech Holdings : Value Through The Pipeline

From managing the logistical aspects of transporting bulk material from production facilities to end users, to providing highly beneficial social development initiatives, we explore how ChromTech Holdings continues to offer solutions for the African mining sector.

Ed Budds Joshua Mann By Ed Budds Joshua Mann

Zambia Airports : Zambia Takes Flight

Zambia Airports Corporation Limited oversees the management and development of the nation’s commercial aviation facilities. Maggie B. Kaunda, Managing Director, shares more details.

Ed Budds Cameron Lawrence By Ed Budds Cameron Lawrence

Marine Platforms : Laying a Platform for Success

From sustainable solutions to strategizing for the future, we explore how Marine Platforms continues to offer outstanding service deliveries from surface to seabed.

Ed Budds Joshua Mann By Ed Budds Joshua Mann

Bracongo : The Beer Necessities

In the ultra-competitive drinks industry, Bracongo has carved out a niche for innovative and sustainable products. General Director, Cyril Segonds, presents the secrets behind this success story.

Ed Budds Kyle Livingstone By Ed Budds Kyle Livingstone

Axiology Labs : From Molecules to Mankind

Axiology Labs provides top quality laboratory products and nourishes premium life science solutions across Africa. We explore a range of substantial projects and COVID-19 response strategies with CEO, Gideon Burger.

Ed Budds Callam Waller By Ed Budds Callam Waller

9mobile : Mobilising for the Future

Nigeria’s telecommunications industry is flourishing through innovation and dedication to its customers. Jurgen Peschel, CEO at 9mobile, details his experience.

Ed Budds Josh Hyland By Ed Budds Josh Hyland