Latest Agriculture sector features from across Africa.

Latest Agriculture Corporate Stories

Kenya Horticultural Exporters 1977 : Greener, Fresher, Safer

Kenya Horticultural Exporters (1977) Ltd has experienced tremendous growth within the industry and is now a market leader in exports to the UK and further afield.

PJ Dave Group : Ahead of the Best

‘A rose for every emotion’ is the culmination of the efforts of PJ Dave Group over the years; optimising the best natural resources and industry expertise that Kenya can offer before distributing its resultant products on a global scale.

Philafrica Foods : Food Across Africa

The three-pronged strategy of Philafrica Foods is set to capitalise on African agricultural opportunity by reducing imports and increasing exports; enriching hundreds of thousands of local farmers in the process.

British American Tobacco : East & Central Africa

British American Tobacco (BAT) is leading the tobacco industry by satisfying and addressing consumer needs and moments.

Africa’s Agricultural Transformation

Karim Lotfi Senhadji explains how OCP is dedicating its work to the conversion of a continent

Cherry Irrigation : Solid Foundations

Cherry Irrigation has established a solid foundation in the industry, built upon years of knowledge and experience as one of the few irrigation companies possessing the ability to take you from design right through to implementation.

Agricane : Unique in its Field

After two decades of growth, Agricane has taken its turnkey agricultural engineering proposition to 24 countries in Africa, making the business one of the continent’s foremost contributors to sustainable development.

Black Tulip : The Best Quality Imaginable

The Black Tulip Group is one of the largest independent floral companies, supplying a premium quality range of cut flowers, cut foliage and plants, evolving into a truly global enterprise with decades of expertise.

Subati Flowers Ltd : Pure Expressions

Subati Flowers adheres to the highest quality standards, providing seamless delivery of the freshest and most beautiful flowers to your doorstep.

Flamingo Horticulture : By Growers for Growers

The unrivalled devotion of Flamingo Horticulture to fresh flower and produce supply has led it to the shelves of supermarkets around the world.