Issue 57

NAMCOR : Exploring and Fuelling Namibia

Having been named as the Best Company to Work for in a 2017 Deloitte survey, NAMCOR can look back with pride at its nationally-enriching evolution.

Glory Oil : Our Business, Our Pride

Glory Oil is recognisable within Ghana for the care that it places in improving its customers’ lives, working to create innovative solutions to cement its market-leading position.

Burundi Backbone Systems : A National Network

Burundi Backbone Systems is applying its technological capabilities to enrich all walks of Burundian life.

Seaflower Group : Where Freshness Lives

The Seaflower Group has taken its proud history and developed an innovative approach for a new wave of fishing.

Kenya Horticultural Exporters 1977 : Greener, Fresher, Safer

Kenya Horticultural Exporters (1977) Ltd has experienced tremendous growth within the industry and is now a market leader in exports to the UK and further afield.

Labh Singh Harnam Singh Ltd : In the Driving Seat

Labh Singh Harnam Singh Ltd aims to be the first choice for buses and coaches in Africa thanks to a three-pronged dedication to safety, quality and innovation.

East African Packaging Industries : Better by Design

East African Packaging Industries is providing premiere packaging solutions across the region, keeping up to-date with the ever-changing market both locally and globally.

Electro Inductive Industries : Balanced, Sustainable Growth

Electro Inductive Industries has demonstrated a commitment to supplying its customers with quality products, while striving to continuously improve its processes thanks to a wealth of experience in the industry.

Scania East Africa : Partners to the Future

The ‘customer first’ philosophy of Scania East Africa is facilitating a seamless expansion across the region as it looks to replicate its global reputation for quality transport manufacturing.