Issue 41

Geosearch International : Following a Roadmap to Success

Facing an industry downturn in the drilling industry, Geosearch International has focused on consolidating its core operations while also exploring ways to unlock new revenue streams in Africa’s earthmoving industry.

Eslon Plastics of Kenya Ltd : East Africa’s Piping Pioneers

Having built a name for itself as a leading supplier of uPVC and HDPE pipes and fittings for a significant number of East Africa’s biggest water and sewerage projects, Eslon Plastics is proudly celebrating half a century of operation.

Regis Holdings Ltd : Trust, Reliability, Performance

Making waves across the oil & gas sector has become somewhat of a status quo for Regis Holdings Ltd, a Company who has expanded from its South African base over the past 22 years to become a diverse international operator.

Kenya Pipeline Company : Realising a Vision

The past 12 months has represented a key period within the long and esteemed history of Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC), comprising a series of industry challenges and internal goals being juggled in order to achieve relative success.

STAG African : Accommodating an African Transformation

The aim of STAG African to become the most innovative green Company in Africa is well on its way to fruition, following the completion of numerous projects ingratiated into its core model.

Athena Properties : Breathing Life into East African Real Estate

Having firmly established itself as the preferred property developer and urban management services firm in East Africa, Athena Properties is capitalising on the Kenyan Government’s decentralisation initiative to tap into new real estate opportunities.

Dickon Hall Foods : Passionate About Flavour

By aligning its service offering with wider Libstar Group’s core values, Dickon Hall Foods has strengthened its market position to become a one-stop shop provider for fast-moving consumer goods.

BJK Industries : Quality, Reliability, Nutrition

BJK Industries is celebrating its 20th birthday, representing two decades of life at the top of South Africa’s import, manufacturing and distributing sector for the pet nutrition, livestock, pharmaceutical and aqua feed ingredients industries.

Winelands Pork : Top Quality from Farm to Plate

As the first Pork 360 approved abattoir in South Africa, Winelands Pork has seemingly mastered its profession, refining its processes to ensure even more sustained long-term progression.

Berfin : Quality Foods from South Africa

Berfin is hoping to increase its production capacities and export reach even further with the help of its aptitude for continuous improvement and innovation.

Melissa’s The Food Shop : South Africa’s Trendsetters

Working tirelessly to bring a vision for a quality South African food store to life after founding Melissa's 20 years ago, Mark and Melissa van Hoogstraten are an entrepreneurial duo to watch.

Butler Foods : Convenience Foods with a Premium Taste

Having shifted its focus to the convenience food market in response to the growing trend for quick and easy mealtimes, Butler Foods has witnessed exponential growth over the past five years of operation.

VENCO Food Processors : Reaping the Fruits of Labour

With a production volume of 85,000 tonnes of citrus fruit per annum, VENCO Food Processors can proclaim itself as one of the leading market operators in South Africa.

Greenway Farms (Pty) Ltd : Fruitful Entrepreneurship

Rugani Carrots represents a move into 21st century food often neglected in South Africa, and the Company behind the product – Greenway Farms – is now honing in on a strategy to ensure even more concerted growth.