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Amiran Kenya

Amiran Kenya is establishing itself as the one-stop shop for full agriculture solutions in East Africa

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B-Sure Group Holdings

B-Sure Group Holdings’ current structure and portfolio is a far cry from the one that initiated operations six years ago, with diversity being the name of the game, and its extensive client base the winners

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Barclays Africa Commercial Property Finance

Following the global economic decline over the past decade, many analysts have forecasted a South African exit for the leading financial players, but this is certainly not true of Barclays, with its commercial property division as focused as ever on continental development

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Barclays Bank Tanzania Ltd

With a target of improving the lives of more than 3,350 youths in 2016 alone, Barclays’ role in Tanzania branches out far beyond its core financial services

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Mutual Federal

Not many globally successful enterprises can boast the extent of experience that Mutual & Federal has in South Africa’s insurance domain, but the Company’s commitment to innovation is as strong as ever today

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