The Future of African Mining

As new technology begins to infiltrate Africa, the continent’s mining sector is primed for digital transformation

GLOBHE: Drone Data Detection

With technology in the healthcare sector constantly evolving, we speak to Helena Samsioe, CEO and founder of GLOBHE, about the company’s use of drones in the detection and prevention of disasters across the continent

Winch Energy: Serving the Developing World

With an estimated 770 million people worldwide without electricity, internet or water, Winch Energy seeks to overcome this challenge through designing and producing robust, cost-effective engineering solutions for the off-grid electricity market

Expert Eye: How skills and upskilling will help African businesses thrive post-COVID

With businesses seeking to recover from COVID-19’s disruptive impact, Dan Tesnjak, Vice President EMEA & APAC, Degreed, believes Africa’s digital industry is on the verge of a boom

Topical Focus: Logistics Across Africa

From Nigeria to Southern Africa the logistics industry is critical to the success of pan-African industry

Business in South Africa

We examine South Africa and explore how the country will recover post-COVID-19
Writer: Sean Galea-Pace

Siemens Africa: Business for Society in South Africa

We spoke with CEO of Siemens South Africa, Sabine Dall’Omo, about the complicated context of development on the continent and the pandemic-accelerated potential for digital applications

Expert Eye: The Role of Banks in a Post-COVID World

As the world continues to adapt to a ‘new normal’ brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, what does the future hold for financial institutions?

Agriculture: The Key to Inclusive Economic Growth

African agriculture is the fuel for continental economic growth, but the industry faces new challenges caused by recent events

Mining Indaba Virtual 2021

In a celebration of the African mining sector, Mining Indaba returns for 2021 in a virtual format to bring together visionaries and innovators from across the country

Diversifying Nigeria

We examine how Nigeria is reducing its reliance on agriculture and branching out to other business ventures

Connecting Africa

We chat with Dion Price, CEO at Trustonic, to discuss the current state of the telecommunications market in Africa today

Expert Eye: How a “second wave” of reforms could change Africa’s energy story

The African Development Bank makes the case for adopting a new wave of energy reforms to kickstart a meaningful shift to and provide power to those who need it

Powering Pan-African Digital Education

Luis Lopez, CEO of Honoris United Universities, talks about new ventures and the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic

Kenya: The Country with a COVID Plan

With a huge tourism industry, Kenya was one of the worst hit African nations by COVID-19, but plans are underway that aim to reinvigorate the economy

Demonstrating the Business Case for Sustainable Strategies

Omnia’s Kavita Pema tells us about the achievable and realistic application of sustainability practices for businesses around the globe

Expert Eye: Overcoming Barriers to Financial Inclusion in Developing Countries

Orange’s Patrick Roussel examines the challenges faced in reducing the number of unbanked across Africa, highlighting the power of mobile money as part of the answer

Exploring the Future of Hydropower in Africa

Can hydropower offer the solution to the African continent’s need for sustainable electrification?

Niger's Response to Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases

There are many neglected tropical diseases which are life-altering but preventable, and very little global attention is devoted to treating them