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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

The 6th Annual Africa Insurance & Reinsurance Conference 2016 (AIRC), scheduled to be held in Nairobi Kenya on the 28-29 June, 2016 will again gather key decision-makers from Africa’s leading regional insurance and reinsurance companies, regulatory agencies, brokers and financial organisations.

The six edition of AIRC will provide an avenue for brainstorming the innovative product offerings and strategies for the Insurance and Reinsurance sector under the theme ‘Capturing Growth in a Transforming Africa Insurance & Reinsurance Landscape’. Since Africa is a strategic market for growth, AIRC 2016 aims to equip insurance industry players with a winning strategy for creating new market segments and incorporating technological innovations for exponential client base growth.

Besides revisiting issues from AIRC 2015, the discussions and sideline events at AIRC 2016 will explore several opportunities for growth including product development, better distribution processes and channels, among other topics. 

Key discussion points of this event include:

–          The regional macroeconomic environment and trends

–          Assessing the business drivers for insurance and reinsurance opportunities in Africa: re-thinking growth strategies

–          The regulatory environment national issues likely to impact insurance business

–          Strengthening the human capital through training and development

–          Distribution strategies for unleashing growth across the region

–          Insurance and financial inclusion framework: cyber risk insurance

–          Life reinsurance: areas of growth and opportunity

–          The landscape of Africa’s P&C sector

–          Capitalising insurance/reinsurance companies: the investment landscape

–          Leverage the opportunities in technology for growth and maturity

–          Pensions and retirement solutions

Another key objective of the conference is to help discover and exploit the competitive advantages held by individual participating firms. Through this, a more enhanced customer experience and market share growth for individual firms is always reported. 


WHEN: 28-29 June, 2016

WHERE: Nairobi, Kenya

REGISTER: +254 20 221 8114


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