MineExpo Africa 2015 : Africa’s Leading Mining Trade Show

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

MineExpo Africa 2015 will be one of the leading mining and cognate trade shows, showcasing the widest range of innovative technologies in mining and processing of minerals; connecting miners with money and investors with opportunity.

The exhibition will provide a singular platform for both local and international exhibitors, professionals, buyers and delegates to exchange ideas, venture into new businesses and form fruitful partnerships. It will be centred on a vigorous programme covering a broad array of issues, challenges and opportunities that are faced in this industry in the current scenario.

Mines are the backbone of African economy; as one of the core sectors that drive growth on the African continent in terms of infrastructure. Not only does it contribute to GDP, but it acts as a catalyst for the magnification in other industries such as construction, power & energy and industrialisation.

The future of the mining sector in Africa depends on skillful extraction and processing. The most consequential thing will be to disperse awareness among the people involved. The study of the latest technologies is crucial and employing the most efficient machinery is a must.

Attending MineExpo Africa will empower you with the knowledge about the latest state of art technology and techniques, safety procedures, and required skills. And at the same time you will have the chance to associate with other companies and business visitors; all leading to definite growth in your business. Today’s information is power and we will counsel that to you!

We will offer you a chance to position yourself in front of top investors from around the world.  It is a chance to present you as an industry leader and present your company brand at the forefront of innovation and best practice. If you want a share in this economy you will have the chance to position yourself as a leading mining finance provider.

Today is the time when information is power, and attending MineExpo will give you insight and perspective with the world’s leading investors and entrepreneurs. You will be presented with business opportunities and have access to senior executives from all leading companies.

As a business visitor you will have access to unrivalled networking and deal-making opportunities.  If mines are your forte you have to visit MineExpo 2015 and make the best of this opportunity.

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