How Guardrisk Mauritius is safeguarding the future of businesses across the subcontinent

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

“We are in one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa and the country’s business environment and investment climate has also made it one of the most business-friendly destinations in the region.

“Furthermore, Mauritius has emerged as an important platform between Asia, the Middle East and Africa for investment into the African subcontinent. The financial services sector, including the insurance industry, is an important economic pillar of the Mauritian economy and the insurance industry’s contribution to GDP is about three percent.”

Vikram Ramlochun, Managing Director of South African insurance group Guardrisk’s Mauritian business, is ardently optimistic about the future of the country and how insurance can contribute to its development. 

Ramlochun’s career in the Mauritian global business sector spans more than 20 years, including his role as Managing Director of Guardrisk Group of Companies in Mauritius since 2011. He has extensive knowledge and experience in financial modelling, taxation, corporate governance, risk management and cell captive insurance, among other areas.  

Here, he speaks to Africa Outlook about the role his company is playing in providing businesses and consumers with vital insurance services. 

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