Uganda: A country of contrasts

With its glacial peaks, vast lakes and primeval forests, Uganda is a country of contrasts

A Q&A with BT on how to deal with Africa’s digital skills gap

Bernadette Wightman, Managing Director for the Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region at BT, shares her insight on the skills gap issue and how it can be addressed

Orange, the Global Fund partner up to tackle Africa's healthcare challenges

Orange and the Global Fund are joining forces to speed up action against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa using digital technology

How Twiga Cement continues to support Tanzanian construction

Twiga Cement has emerged as a trusted partner thanks to its commitment to consistency and quality, the company seeking to expand its capacity beyond 2.3 million tonnes per annum

Interview: Siemens discusses the Dawn of Digitalization report

An interview with Siemens Senior Vice President Digital Industries for Southern and Eastern Africa, Ralf Leinen

Nelson Mandela Bay: Experience city, bush and beach in one trip

Home to sun-kissed sand, Port Elizabeth and exotic aquatic and onshore wildlife, Nelson Mandela Bay is the best place to experience city, bush and beach in one trip

Nigeria: A land of city dwellers seeking the simple life?

Nigeria is spearheading urbanisation in Africa, leading to an abundance of challenges and opportunities for consumers and corporates alike. Ged Nooy discusses

Lesotho: A Southern African alpine discovery trail

Fully encircled by South Africa, Lesotho is a unique country set high in the mountains, its natural beauty beginning to become more discovered as greater numbers of tourists cross over the border

Ecotourism: Rwanda’s responsible revenue

Ecotourism is no longer a buzzword invented in the 1990s. For Rwanda, it represents a vital stream of income which helps to preserve its natural wonders and boost its carbon-free credentials

Opinion: The importance of protecting Africa’s essential energy infrastructure

Derek Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of Energy & Natural Resource Security, Inc, on the challenges and solutions to protecting energy infrastructure

Eswatini: Showcasing the best that Africa has to offer

Whether you’re looking for the culturally fascinating, a captivating wildlife scene or welcoming tourist offerings, Eswatini holds much of the best that Africa has to offer

SAP Africa: A stalwart of social and technological transformation

A preview of our interview with SAP Africa's Managing Director Cathy Smith

Exclusive: An interview with Mastercard Foundation's Kim Kerr

Mastercard Foundation has taken it upon itself to help address the stark, growing problem of youth unemployment on the continent. Kim Kerr, Director of Regional Programs, explains why

A Q&A with the organiser of 2019’s AfricaCom

With the 2019 edition of AfricaCom on the horizon, we spoke to the event orgniser to find out what lies in store for delegates in Cape Town

Q&A: World Economic Forum Africa Co-Chair and END Fund CEO Ellen Agler

We find out about how the END Fund is leading the debate on ending neglected diseases to enable Africa’s prosperity

Can cryptocurrencies make the AfCFTA more efficient?

How the The African Continental Free Trade Agreement can be impacted by technology such as cryptocurrencies

Democratisation of innovation and what it means for Africa

Without technological constraints, more people from across Africa are free to innovate and create on the global stage; democratisation of energy is necessary to enable Africans to move into the digital age.

Exclusive: WISTA on addressing the gender imbalance in the shipping industry

The Women's International Shipping and Trading Association is working to address the gender imbalance of a historically male-dominated industry. Clare Gomes, President of the South Africa chapter, tells us more

The Continent’s Employment Conundrum

Delving into the African Development Bank’s African Economic Outlook 2019 report and its analysis on the region’s rapidly growing labour force