Quenching the Thirst of African Creativity

Campari, MTV Base and the godfather 2Baba join forces to put Africa’s new wave of culture creators and their fans on the big stage. This is Campari x MTV Base Passion Project!

Expert Eye: Mining Industry in 2022

Boris Ivanov, founder of Emiral Resources Ltd – a global mining group that focuses on exploration, mining and the production of Earth's mineral resources, explores future predictions for the sector

Topical Focus: Telehealth

The use of digital information and communication technologies in health-related services is accelerating across Africa

The Final Word: Qualities of a Successful Businessperson

What qualities are needed to succeed as a businessperson in your field?

Optimistic Protection of Africans Online

Adrien Diarra, Information Risk Expert, discusses optimism for tech development in Africa, the importance of digital safety literacy and the urgent need for cyber hygiene at the consumer and corporate level

The Final Word: Career Inspiration

What or who has been a source of inspiration for you during your career?


Electrifying Africa one vehicle at a time, we speak with Opibus - the company galvanising the continent’s electric vehicle revolution

Lucara Botswana

As the first female and first Motswana woman to run an African diamond mine, we discuss tunnelling a path for women in mining with Managing Director of Lucara Botswana, Naseem Lahri

Eye in the Sky

Across African industry, the use of drones is growing. We take a look at the advantages of such technological tools, their versatility across sectors, and contribution to continental development

Expert Eye: Reaching Net Zero in Mining

Kweku Frimpong, Area General Manager for West and Central Africa at Aggreko, explores virtual pipelines as the bridge to net zero for the mining sector

The Final Word: Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

If you could offer one piece of advice for a young entrepreneur entering your industry, what would it be?

South Africa Celebrates Heritage Day

Shining a light on the 26th commemoration of Heritage Day in the Rainbow Nation

Honoris United Universities

We take a look at Honoris United Universities’ latest technologies and investments in the field of digital education, and speak to CEO Jonathan Louw about their impact on the future of learning in Africa

Africa’s EdTech Renaissance

Education in Africa developing through the use of tech and supporting companies

Expert Eye: Digital Transformation in Africa

Frank Molla, Managing Director and Head of Sub-Saharan Africa at BPC Banking Technologies, explores the evolution of digitalisation and how Africa is going digital at an ever-increasing rate Written by: Frank Molla, Managing Director and Head of
Sub-Saharan Africa at BPC Banking Technologies

Building Africa’s Mobile Economy

In recent years, the advent of mobile money services across the continent has enjoyed explosive growth. We explore the trends and major players behind Africa’s booming digital infrastructure

Business in Namibia

We explore Namibia and take a look at the most prominent sectors contributing to the country’s economic growth

Base Titanium: Empowering Women Across Africa

Dr. Melba K. Wasunna, External Affairs Manager at Base Titanium, discusses the role of women in mining and her belief that while significant strides have been made, it’s only the beginning

Expert Eye: Opening Up the World of Banking

Africa’s major potential as a hub for the open banking African market is evident. Paris Valakelis, co-founder at TruID, discusses the unique challenges ahead for the continent