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Unilever Food Solutions : The Key Ingredient

Janine Van Rooyen, Managing Director at Unilever Food Solutions, discusses the value of customer-centricity while putting an emphasis on empowering staff in order to achieve success.

Unilever Food Solutions : Catering for Changing Tastes

Backed by a team of dedicated staff, Unilever Food Solutions aim to deliver high quality products and service excellence to remain a market leader in the food industry.

Unilever Food Solutions

Growth is on the menu Unilever Food Solutions helps chefs all over the world "serve tasty, wholesome meals that keep guests coming back for more". Writer Chris Farnell Project manager James Mitchell Unilever is one of the most recognised names in the food industry around the world. If you go to your fridge right now there's a pretty good chance you'll find something with the word Unilever somewhere on the label. Among the many facets of the business is Unilever Food Solutions, the professional culinary division which is dedicated to offering products and services to the food service market all over the world. As managing director Michel Mellis explains, "We work with powerful global brands such as Knorr, Hellmann's, Robertsons and Carte d'Or In combination with local names such Marvello, Meadowland and Fine Foods in order to offer culinary solutions to all kinds of operators, ranging from hotels, restaurants, contract caterers to quick service restaurants." Of course, while Unilever is a globally recognised brand, Unilever Food Solutions can't rely on brand recognition alone to bring in business. It's unique selling point, Mellis says, is the "incomparable end results our customers can achieve on meal preparation through our brands and services". "We don't just sell top quality products and brands, but we also offer services in the areas of menu organisation, kitchen preparation and guest satisfaction," he says. This combination of high quality products and excellent service has been key in consolidating Unilever Food Solutions' position as a market leader, but the company is still setting its