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Riding the Storm Mantrac Nigeria is using its extensive reputation and expertise, as well as its international influence as Caterpillar’s sole dealer, to overcome Nigeria’s market slowdown Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Ben Wigger Mantrac Nigeria is capitalising on its international reputation and experienced team in the country to successfully defend its market position in a sector that continues to challenge and test efficiencies.With 2015’s general election within Nigeria leading to business dramatically slowing down across the wider industry, the need to improve internal operations and cement itself as a preferred partner for equally challenged customers has never been more significant.A company as established and widespread as Mantrac though has been able to rise to the challenge in as positive a way as possible, and is in the process of maintaining and consolidating in the present, while keeping an eye on future growth.“The significant growth we had experienced in previous years has helped us to maintain our market share during this period,” confirms the company’s Strategic Planning and Marketing Manager, James Agama. “The pace at which the construction industry is growing at this time in Nigeria has been very slow since 2014 but we still ended that year well in terms of the numbers we achieved.“We decided, going into 2015 as well, we will aim to maintain and defend our market share.”Mantrac Nigeria has subsequently ensured that it makes the most of the 10 branches it has stationed in the country servicing the world-renowned Caterpillar brand, as well looking into new supply chain opportunities as part of an extensive drive for improved

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Assessing Tanzania's mining potential Mantrac Tanzania sees huge potential for mining in East Africa and is geared-up to assist in all your equipment needs Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Eddie Clinton The Mantrac group is the sole authorised dealer for Caterpillar Products in East Africa; including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Mantrac Tanzania distributes and supports the full range of Cat construction equipment including wheel loaders, Skid Steer loaders, Dump articulated trucks, Backhoe loaders, Excavators, motor graders, track-type tractors and BCP products. Moreover, Mantrac Tanzania distributes mining, Power Systems and material-Handling and warehousing equipment for a wide range of industries and applications. Mantrac Tanzania is also the sole approved supplier of genuine Caterpillar parts, which are available at competitive prices. Highly-qualified employees work through an extensive branch network that includes a head office in Dar es Salaam and branches in Mwanza, Moshi, Mbeya and Mtwara. The Mtwara branch was opened in 2013 specifically to support oil and gas companies in southern corridor of Tanzania where there is huge discovery of gas; a future source of power for Tanzania and East Africa region in general. Furthermore, Mantrac Tanzania is equipped to perform total overhauls, as well as having a team of qualified service engineers - equipped with the necessary diagnostic and repair tools – which can be dispatched at any time to customers. A rich East African History Mantrac Tanzania's rich history stems back as far as 1925, when the company was known as Gailey and Roberts. By 1937, Unilever came on the scene when the united Africa

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Powering up Mantrac Nigeria distributes and supports the full range of Caterpillar construction machines, power systems and material handling equipment. We talk to strategic planning and marketing manager James Agama. Writer Chris Farnell Project manager James Mitchell The Mantrac Group is the sole dealer of Caterpillar products across the African continent and Mantrac Nigeria is their Nigerian division. This unique market position has meant that for over 60 years the company has been closely involved with the vast majority of major construction jobs across Nigeria. Providing sales and rentals of Caterpillar products, as well as maintenance, servicing and onsite training for the same, Mantrac Nigeria has fortified a dominant position in the construction and earthmoving markets, and it is proving increasingly essential for the power generation needs of the oil and gas sector. It's hardly a surprise that the last decade has seen a 300 percent rate of growth as the company has expanded to ten separate branches around the country. And Mantrac Nigeria is needed now more than ever, as Nigeria is in need of a huge overall to its infrastructure. "There is a heavy, heavy infrastructure deficit in our country with regards to power and construction," says Mantrac Nigeria's strategic planning and marketing manager James Agama. Poor infrastructure naturally makes business more difficult. "Like most multinationals in our country, we find the infrastructure can be very challenging," Agama admits. "The operating cost is high. Also there are limits on the resources which are available." Mantrac Nigeria has placed itself as a crucial resource in